This Is Real And Lasting Change 😊


You’ve already heard what some of the participants experienced, and today read what the QS Guides had to say about the QS Tour this month….

“Despite the snow which unfortunately stopped some people from making it, it was a great workshop – thanks Jo! It really brought home to me the value of face to face connection, and the fact that so many people wanted to stay and chat afterwards showed the desire people had to connect socially. I love the idea of QS socials!”
Hazel, QS Guide in Edinburgh

“There was a real interest in QS at the Galway workshop and people meditated with ease. The paticipants were keen to chat to each other after the event so I think an additional social gathering will be an imortant part of QS meetups in Galway and could also be a feature of the next QS tour.”
Dara, QS Guide in Galway

“What makes this workshop unique is that it shows people a different way forward. It has a mind body soul approach that opens a different door for people to walk through which leads leads them to freedom.”
Jayne, QS Guide in Sheffield

“This meeting encompassed the essence of QS which is a dynamic approach to recovery. Not to shrink your world by identifying yourself as an addict, but to expand your world by understanding what was behind the addiction. And then you can truly step away from it. Like pulling a weed up from its roots rather than just cutting it down so it seems to disappear but then re grows every time it rains. This is real and lasting change. All it requires is the humility to take a long hard look at yourself and the guts to act on the wisdom you recieve. And something comfy to sit on 🙂 The meeting offered a meditation to step back from the addiction and was a profound- and friendly- experience for all who came.”
Victoria, QS Guide in Sheffield

“If I change just one persons life for the better who came to the QS Workshop, my job is done.”
Richard, QS Guide in Margate

“It was amazing to be able to share my addiction story and to get this amazing programme out there, and showing people an alternative way of dealing with their addictions. I really enjoyed looking at the groups faces as they listened to jo talk. Great day, thanks jo you are inspirational.”
Theresa, QS Guide in Hertford

“I really enjoyed the events that I was at. The opposite of addiction really is connection and it was wonderful to connect with some lovely people. The feedback that Jo has shared with us has been great and, for me, if just one person’s life has been changed for the better because of a workshop on the tour then it has been a massive success. Hopefully Jo will be on the road again soon.”
Sophie, QS Guide in Bury St Edmunds


What Is Next?

The Quantum Sobriety Socials
In March the guides are going to be beginning monthly gatherings; a different activity each month and a chance to have face-to-face contact with the community. These meetings will be open to existing members and also non-members as we know that everyone works differently, and has differing requirements around what ‘connection’ means to them.

We are in the planning stages of these meetings which will be held in the following locations in the UK: Margate, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bury St Edmunds, Hertford, and Galway, Ireland (this is where the current QS Guides are located, and this list will grow in time).

If you are interested in finding out more then please let us know here, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.

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