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Daily Motivation 271


Every Wednesday I am sharing some WOW’s with you; my teachers; my influences and who I am inspired by.
I hope you enjoy!

His Holiness Dalai Lama

❝Without desire there is no movement, no action, no progress; without desire you would fall asleep. But can we apply desire to a more constructive activity instead?❞

We need desire to drive us into action, but when does this positive and helpful quality switch to compulsion and the ‘need’ to eat something, drink something, say the angry word?
The balance is a delicate one
And most of the time we have jumped the fence and become addicted without even realising it. One day we wake up and wonder who the hell we have become, how did it get this bad? But just like the morbidly obese person didn’t get to that place overnight, so too the addicted mind gradually shifted.

So once we have the realisation we can turn 180 degrees and begin the journey back again, to more balance and greater peace.

My advice would be to replace the compulsion to eat something, drink something or say the angry word with MEDITATION.
As His Holiness says, apply our strong mind and laser-like focus to something that is helpful rather than an addiction that is killing us, “apply desire to a more constructive activity instead.”
Sit on your cushion
Focus on the question ‘why?’
And see what comes up….

Why do you continue to eat something, drink something, say the angry word?
Why are you skirting around the real issues?
Why are you unwilling to look, really look at what is there under the plaster of substances?

For when you do you have the opportunity to break through to the other side
Find out what is really going on, and have the chance to turn your life around no matter how old you are.

Sharon Begley

❝Not only can the brain learn new tricks, but it can also change its structure and function
–even in old age❞

It’s never too late
You’re not too old
This dog can learn new tricks…

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I arrived tired, closed, exhausted.
The time here has slowly opened me
I know I have a path to walk, I feel ready to start
Thank you QS team
ps. I was sceptical about the reality of the folk who run the retreat….they are the real thing believe me!❞

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