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“Gratitude is a seed
and, therefore,
catalyst for more
of the same to grow”

Book Review.

I found Quantum Sobriety through Soberistas. I had never meditated before and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could. But I was desperate and I had an open mind. I followed Jo’s programme and, though the ride was bumpy for a while, I trusted the process and kept with the meditation. A year ago I took my power back: I have not drunk since and will not drink again. Everything has changed and everything is better. I meditate daily. I am there for my children, my family, my friends and myself. I feel joy. Authentic happiness. When times are tough I see them for what they are and I know that they will pass and I can cope. I am free and I am happy and I am incredibly grateful. The book is completely accessible, honest and engaging. Jo knows where you are starting from because she has been there too. I have read many, many books on recovery, before and since becoming sober. This book has completely changed my life. If you are searching for freedom from the pain and shame and drain of addiction, I wholeheartedly recommend Quantum Sobriety. Follow Jo’s guidance and go create the life you deserve.

Have you read the QS book?
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The reason I have shared so much in the book is for this information of how to reach FREEDOM can be easily accessed to a wider audience.

Writing a book review is a personal account from a third party, which is so powerful for those ‘thinking’ about but not yet quite ready to take the leap. THANK YOU so much in advance! 

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