The Value Of Face To Face Connection 👥

The QS Socials are now up and running and I asked QS Guide Hazel to tell me about her gathering in Edinburgh on Saturday. This is what she told me,

“Wrapped up warmly because of the snow, we met at the gates of the Botanic Gardens. It was supposed to be a mindful leisurely walk, but it was so cold that we walked briskly and directly to the cafe where we parked ourselves in the warmth, with hot drinks, for the next couple of hours.
Conversation felt easy and natural, and we all agreed on the value of face to face connection, and that it was good to be able to talk freely and honestly to people who really understood. We shared what worked to bolster up our sobriety, and what didn’t, and we shared all the positives – for example the ways in which our lives had opened up again in sobriety. It was fascinating to hear other journeys and perspectives, and talking like this was a reminder and reinforcement of how amazing sobriety is, which is something I can take for granted at times. For me, it was a hugely enjoyable afternoon, and I am really looking forward to the next one.”

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I went to the Edinburgh meeting, it was really good. *** came too so it was good to meet her. Really lovely to get to know Hazel a bit more too..
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