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The Chocolate Shaman

Here, we see lotsa folks who are being shamed for not being more activist, while their inner knowing, which we all have been trained to ignore, and is likely growing stronger, is guiding them quite differently. What to do if it is not obvious that meeting hate with love is, vibrationally, the only answer… is the only thing To Do……??

In the 70’s when i began reading the channeled spiritual literature, there was a theme that the universe, vibrationally, doesn’t understand ‘not’. There are indigenous languages without this word. “Do not litter” tells one’s subconscious to litter… as the negative ‘not’ doesn’t register at that level. Everyone said this. Still do. My teachers, in the 80’s and 90’s, said the best way to have more drugs in a society is to have a war on drugs. Same with terrorism. It works.

The universe registers passion. Whether you are passionately against, or passionately for… doesn’t matter… Either is a vote, a prayer, to feed – energetically – whatever you are passionate about. You will get more of it in your personal life… as well as your outer reality. You set up a negative gridwork, and as per your request, the universe will fill your personal grid in with other things that you will consider negative. Because you asked for it, and prayer works.

These days, higher [channeled or not] beings also recommend not watching the news and not posting or re-posting on social media what you are against. You don’t have to like it. Not preferring something is just fine. The issue is pumping it up with negative energy, because that passion is a vote to strengthen whatever you are getting worked-up about. That’s right, they all say it only makes what you are against stronger. To paraphrase ‘A Course in Miracles’, if it isn’t love, it is a call for love.

Mother Teressa would never attend an anti-war rally. If you had one for peace, she was delighted to be there. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in a protest… it is all about your personal energy.

Those of you getting flack for not being on the front lines against those fuckers… Well, I have compassion for you, as I remember when I was there. [Yup, I got gassed, arrested, and locked-up in 60’s anti-Vietnam demonstrations in Washington, DC.] Wild ride. It was fun. Trust your knowing and go ahead and lose a few friends, and Facebook feeds… those it makes room for will be worth it.

Vote energetically for the world you want… you won’t see a world of love, in your personal or global reality, if you are not there yourself… why wait… we have a world to change. It is not going to change outside, first. If that makes no sense, give it time, or check-out our parallel realities video. Trust that we all agreed to stay on the same planet with the fuckers to give them the greatest opportunity to choose love over fear, for themselves… by us being an example of that love. It is a limited time opportunity offer. In the meantime, allow everyone to have their own truth, with love.

If you recognize yourself as being shamed for lack of political activism, consider disengaging… with love. If someone brings your energy down, consider disengaging… with love. That is a standard recommendation of higher beings… as you get what you are a vibrational match for, so stop giving others the power to bring you down… My Mom used to say, “Don’t go away mad, just go away”.

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