The Trick To No Longer Struggle…..

The further within I travel, the more the world unravels and becomes less real. 
What I realise is that EVERYTHING is perception
So NOTHING can be real
Each of us will have a differing opinion on world views, the food we like to eat, and how to bring up our children. 
None of them are ‘wrong’
But they each come from a different perspective, and those decisions are based upon past experience, childhood, society, peer pressure etc…
As a yoga teacher of more than 16 years I have a unique blend of teachers
There is no other yoga teacher who has the same combination of teachings as me
So of course I will teach differently to anyone else
So too we go about our lives
With our own individual set of beliefs; built upon everything that we’ve experienced before
Decisions based upon the past, and the truths and untruths that we have been moulded with
But as we let go of the outside world we see it for what it really is, its lure becomes less strong and we unhook ourselves from the conditioning that, up until now has dominated each thought, every word and each decision 
Suddenly we see so differently 
Priorities shift dramatically
And what was important starts to dissolve
Money, power, success and the lie of addiction begin to seem so irrelevant; how could that fulfil our truth? 
Now it is connection, compassion, love and acceptance that ignites respect in another and we feel the pull towards finding our purpose and living our passion.
In fact my world has got smaller in a sense
My day to day obvious as all the struggle has fallen away
And this is all based upon MEDITATION
It all stems from that truth
From tapping into my own sense of I 
Then stepping back from that and connecting to the observer
Living from THAT place
This is where the magic lies
For there is NO STRUGGLE at the observer position
This is a major trick
And like a trapdoor you fall through at some point in the QS journey
You suddenly ‘get it’
Letting go of what has always been so important, allowing form to dissolve, so that you can fully embrace truth
I highly recommend it
Why wouldn’t you delve into this magic? 
It’s time…

*this blog was first published in April 2016

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

“Gosh, Jo. I have been thinking a lot about this word PRACTICE myself. Ive got goosebumps right now. What you wrote is what’s been going on in my mind. From my yoga and meditation practice, to practicing compassion, practicing self protection, practicing eating clean and balanced, and on and on. Once I accepted that LIFE IS PRACTICE, I am so much more compassionate with myself and others. And, compassion feels good. It fills me with light and warm energy. The sober me is so much easier on myself.
Online Member


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