The Story Of The Cat 🐈 (Who Holds YOU Accountable?)


This is a story of community
Of stepping up
Being seen
And jumping into the void without knowing where you are going to land

This is a story of community
Of finding your tribe
So that together you can raise each other up
See your blocks from an alternative vantage point
And be held as you free fall into a new reality

The story begins with my beloved two cats Tara and Grace. Their first two years of life were spent in semi-detached suburbia in the middle of a busy town, before we moved to Hill Farm and our current house sitting in the middle of a sprawling 500 acre estate. Life for them has been very good; they sure died and went to cat heaven with the plethora of mice and rabbits, and being the only cats for miles around.

That was until a month ago
When from who knows where, two cats and some kittens appeared.

It began when we thought our cat, Grace, was sitting by the back door. However when we got closer we saw that it was not Grace, but a cat that looked almost the same. At first we hardly saw it, but gradually it seemed to get braver and closer to the house, culminating with it attacking our cats last weekend in their own garden.

Now although I know that animals have to sort the hierarchy out between themselves, I easily fell into my standard ‘separate’ mentality of shooing and shouting, clapping my hands and chasing away. I began to call this other cat “Imposter Grace” which soon caught on with the whole team. Looking back now I can see the negative energy that I was creating around the situation.

Then last weekend I invited members of a community that I am a member of to the retreat centre, knowing how important it is to reach out and connect with others on a similar path. It was amazing and we all shared what was going on for us at that moment, and held space in a circle for the truth to come flooding through. It was both powerful and energising, and I am still feeling the effects of it today; one week later.

On the second night one of the group showed me a video of a black leopard who had been rescued from a circus and had spent his whole life being mistreated by humans. He was very suspicious of his new surroundings and was not happy so the new compassionate owners called in an animal communicator, to find out more about this spectacular animals story. I couldn’t watch the whole video there and then as I just ‘knew’ I was meant to watch it later, on my own. When I did I had tears streaming down my face. ‘Imposter Grace’ is fully black just like the leopard, and I suddenly realised that I was being asked to step up to a higher vibration – OF PEACE – in this situation and show the ‘imposter’ cat who was instigating the fighting, LOVE and acceptance.

My feelings towards “Imposter Grace”  shifted 180 and I renamed him/her ‘Spirit’ just as the black leopard got renamed in the short movie.

This wouldn’t have happened had I not invited new friends on a similar path into my home. This wouldn’t have happened had I not opened myself up to higher frequencies. This wouldn’t have happened without community and finding my tribe.

And so much has changed in this past week
For the past week after I shifted my focus so greatly from living in fear of what may happen, to sending love, peace and healing to this situation, I haven’t seen “Spirit”. I have so radically shifted the frequency that I guess it’s taking a while for Spirit to be able to move into my space again. And he is around as others have seen him! My hands were burning with energy for days after this shift in consciousness, and all in all this situation has been a massive teaching.

What I talk about all the time was playing out in front of my eyes;
I am now focusing on the highest possible outcome
= for us all to live in peace
Rather than the problem
= shooing and shouting, clapping my hands and chasing away

This wouldn’t have happened had I not stepped up
Surrounded myself with those I am aspiring to be
Up-levelled on a big scale
This is the story of community

So who is YOUR tribe?
Who holds YOU accountable in a cradle of love?

One of my tribe said how sorry for Imposter Grace she felt when I was shooing and shouting, clapping my hands and chasing away. When I look back on that behaviour I see what they mean; the separation I was creating and what I was teaching those creatures. I can laugh at myself now a week on, even cringe at my past conduct, and boy am I grateful to Spirit who I am determined to tame enough to live in harmony on our farm, with our cats, as one family. Watch this space for updates!

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