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Daily Motivation 234

It’s been a total honour being Rajmohan Gandhi’s chauffeur this past week. We’ve been to some cool places and experienced great wisdom, and I thought I would share a very funny moment the four of us shared in the car the other day.

Professor Gandhi asked Dom and I how we got involved with Initiatives of Change and the conversation went something like this (you will have heard this story if you’ve been on retreat with us)….

Gandhi: “Tell me how you got involved with IofC”

Jo: “Well we moved into Hill Farm on a Monday in July 2013 and at that point had never heard of the movement. On the Tuesday I went into the local town to use the internet and Dom walked around the farm and introduced himself to the other business owners and people who live there. Each time he met someone new the first thing they said was, “Gandhi has been to your house!” Impressed with this repetitive information Dom phoned me to tell me the incredulous news. Of course I started crying instantly as I am a yoga teacher, have spent much time in India, I’ve done a lot of freedom marching over the years and my work is all about striving for inner and outer peace.” 

I continued,

“It was at that point, on the second day of living in the house that we began to research why Gandhi, and which Gandhi, had visited the house we were now living in. At first we thought it was your grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, but soon realised that it couldn’t have been and that it was in fact you Rajmohan.”

Gandhi: “Your house is very beautiful and I have many fond memories of being there”

Jo: “Dom and I have told that story to literally hundreds of people over the last four years and I cannot believe I have now actually told it to the Gandhi that stayed in the house!”

Much laughter in the car….


The moral of the story is that you never know what is around the corner.
Back in 2013 we would not have believed that we would be so heavily involved with Initiatives of Change or be in service so personally to the Gandhi’s just a few years later.

Yesterday Professor Gandhi was in a meeting with a group of young leaders and one lady asked,

“How do you go about finding out what your purpose is?”

And to this Rajmohan answered,

“I didn’t know what my purpose was until 1956 when I first came to the UK. My advice would be to concentrate on taking the first step only”

And I knew exactly what he meant
That we must connect with our truth and walk that path
Stop worrying about too far ahead in the future
And take that first step
For sometimes the dream is too big or the mountain too high and it prevents us from making any movement at all.

Dom and I could never have imagined what 20 steps ahead was going to look like back at square one, but here we are today with precious ten and 20 minute increments of time multiple times per day in the car with Gandhi’s grandson; receiving snippets of wisdom and support.
We feel blessed beyond belief
But know that
It only happened because we stayed true to ourselves
It only happened because we live from the heart
It only happened because we were in alignment with it

And it was/is effortless
Once you let go of the struggle
Allow yourself to flow with life
For the quantum conspires FOR you
Responds to the vibration you’re in
Gives you what you are consciously or unconsciously asking for

So what frequency are you in today?
What do you believe is possible?
And what first step can you take TODAY to move more into alignment with your truth?


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In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum, today in regards to the above announcement:

“Thank you all for all the love and support, it means a lot to me to have you all there at a touch of a button. We Had a lovely holiday went to places and thought of dad but not in a sad way, all happy thoughts. I thought about how I would have been if I hadn’t joined this group as if I didn’t meditate etc and I know I would have been scoffing sweet foods and feeling very down and not wanting to do anything. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Jo De Rosa for creating this program it really has changed my whole perspective on food and emotions. 🙏

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