The Shame HAS Gone Now 😊

Daily Motivation 213

Shame, guilt, remorse, regret;
All emotions that we regularly experience when our life gets out of control.
So it is wonderful to see a post like this in our private group, to witness somebody TRANSCENDING addiction and uncovering a piece of themselves that they didn’t know was there. Let this be your Monday Motivation to believe that freedom is also possible for you….. 

Last night I dreamed I was watching a recording, with my daughter, of myself extremely drunk and uncoordinated, attempting to walk. I was ashamed and didn’t want her to see it, until I realised that she had already seen it live, plenty of times. So I dropped the shame and watched it objectively, as a stranger would, just to see how the drunk woman managed to “walk” past a wall lined with bottles, continually bumping into them, and somehow not smash any. I could feel it was past tense and thought, as I repeat now: I’m never going back there.
I am almost one year sober and incredibly, the shame HAS gone now. Shame was ALL I felt when I joined QS on 11 April 2016.
I feel only compassion for the old me now and Irealise that she must have been suffering inside for years to get to that state of out of control drinking. I am grateful and proud of myself for dedicating the last 11 months to helping her to live with control and start to feel and heal her pain. Thanks to Jo, Dominic, Nikki, Thomas, Anni, Carol, *** and *** who were on the residential retreat with me, ***, my birthday twin, who has been a constant loving support, and all of you, my QS family, for showing that you care and helping me with practical suggestions and loving vibes.
Life free from alcohol is a fully-felt, minute-by-minute adventure in which anything is possible because I continually remind myself that I am the only one choosing my state, my thoughts, my actions and therefore my reality, every moment. I am free. Free to create, to expand, to enjoy myself, my life and everything I bring into it.

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