The Seeds Of Intention 🌱


The QS Book.

Every Tuesday I share with you a quote from the Quantum Sobriety book.
I hope you enjoy!
“Now that the seeds of intention have been sown we can sit back and watch them grow”
Your job is not the ‘how’, not even the ‘what’ really; your job is only the intention
How do you want to FEEL
What is the vibration that you are calling in at this time?
When we tune into the frequency of where we are headed
Over and over again
All we have to then do is sit back and watch our dreams unfold…

Book Review.

Read something that has been said about the Quantum Sobriety book. Reviews coming in now thick and fast:

Wanted to let you know that your book almost reads itself
Thank you for speaking to the essence, not the intellect



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