The Search 👀 Is Over

Daily Motivation 364


Today is day 364 of my year of blogs
And what a journey it’s been!
I am a stubborn little thing and knew that when I made the commitment on 1st September 2016 to write a blog everyday for a year, that it was going to stretch me like never before. And I will admit that some days it has been a struggle; I mean, what on earth was I going to write about day in day out??!!

However, for the most part it has been effortless
With two driving forces keeping the wheels on the road:

  1. The support of the community: all of the feedback via comments on social media posts, and direct messages and emails (thank you)
  2. The fact that I am going to make this past years challenge into a physical book. So the days that I really found it difficult to find the words were motivated by the thought of an empty page in my new and upcoming book!

I hope to have the book out in the new year, as obviously there is another book before this one that still hasn’t been completed! Yes I have been very busy!

My writing began when I was a child logging my activities and turned into an outpouring of a teenagers heart. It morphed into drunken lonely rants through difficult times and then metamorphosed into this motivational blog. And over the last year a lot has changed once again, and in the last week the words ‘The Search Is Over’ plopped down into my mind during a meditation.

The realisation on a new level that I ALREADY have everything that I need
There is nothing OUTSIDE of myself that I need to learn
And I tapped into the inherent wisdom that we are all gifted with

There is definitely a real sense of full circle as this year of blogs comes to an end, and tomorrow I will finalise with what I believe is our only real job in life; what it is all about; this ONE thing that forms the foundation of a fantastic life…..

Of course these daily emails are not ending, but will take a slightly different format from Monday. I will only be writing one or two ‘full’ blogs per week, and will hand the reigns over more to the community at large as more and more of us realise that The Search Is Over, and wisdom is found within. What I want to offer going forwards are shorter daily snippets for you to chew on; a profound sentence that has the ability to cut through the conditioning and reach straight into your heart. Many have said these emails are too long in their busy lives, so I will limit the lengthy ones to just a few times per week! And it would be amazing to hear from you as to how this daily motivation blog has affected you, and your words may just find themselves within the book that this blog is about to become 😉


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Hi everyone.
My name is *** and I’ve been lurking on the edges here for the last few weeks but felt unable to post. Loving what I was hearing but not really understanding and certainly not believing that I could get to the happy place that some of you are in. But I think that’s beginning to change and as *** would say “Hallelujah”! 
I’ve just finished the five day retreat and it’s hard to describe how wonderful it was. I’m still processing it and all that I experienced there. But I feel a shift in myself and my thinking. I was in London for the weekend and went for a walk along the river on Sunday morning.
And it was like I was falling in love with the world again. Because the world becomes a dark, frightening and lonely place when I’m drinking. But on that morning the world felt bright, beautiful, welcoming and full of possibilities, love and fun. I felt free. And then I came across a sculpture which kind of encapsulated how I felt;

Opening up to the world and all it’s possibilities and soaring towards freedom!

Anyway I’m home again now in *** and the good feelings and positivity came with me. Was afraid they mightn’t! I’m happy and excited. So thank you Jo and Dom and my two beautiful companions on the retreat.
Looking forward to morning meditation.
Love to all.
C, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


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