The Safety Net 🤲


Each month in the private Quantum Sobriety forum we have a different theme, for everyone has joined up at varying times to the online programme and is working through the course at a different stage. It’s good for us to all come together as a collective group and share a topic.

This month has been ‘YOUR SAFETY NET’
I’d like to share a comment from the group and my response
And if you have been thinking about joining the QS community, and getting round the clock support from people who UNDERSTAND, have been there before, will not judge you, and have the ANSWERS as to what has worked for them, then NOW is the time to jump in and get ready for the festive season, which is fast approaching; how wonderful would it be to have a couple of months of sobriety BEFORE Christmas 👍🎄

Member Quote Of The Day:

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Hi I got triggered today, once before we went to the pub and again when we got home. Both times I turned to my “safety net” , reading about gratitude in Jo’s book before we went and I made a cup of tea as soon as we got back. The triggers passed and I was able to end the day with my sobriety in tact. I really felt the power of these tools because I was seriously triggered, if I hadn’t been consistent with my meditation and used my safety net I would have been in the poop big time. I’m so grateful for the tools that you provided me with Jo . 💜

Residential Retreat and Online Member


“The thing is though that you actually NEED these triggers to push you through the door of freedom;
you can’t get there without them!!”



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