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I got asked the question (“What is the Quantum in QS?”) over in the private forum a few days ago and thought mine, and some of the other members’ responses may interest you:

Particles act differently when there is someone watching, which ultimately means that WE affect energy.

This means that life doesn’t just happen TO us, rather it happens BECAUSE of us.

As I write this I am sitting on a packed train; there are at least 100 people just on my carriage. And we are ALL having a different experience:

– Some are sleeping
– Some are watching movies on their devices
– Most are on their phones!
– A few are looking out of the window
– A lot are reading the Evening Standard
– Quite a few like me are on laptops
– And the girl opposite me has bitten all the skin around every single finger whilst I’ve been writing

We are ALL experiencing this space in a different way, and the reason it’s different is WHAT WE ARE THINKING AND BELIEVING.

We can ONLY experience what we believe.
So you cannot experience freedom in sobriety if you don’t believe it exists. Someone couldn’t win an olympic gold if they didn’t think they were capable of it; and most don’t even attempt it because it’s too far out of reach.

We are taught that to stop drinking excessively is difficult and we will struggle, so if we believe this then that HAS to be your experience. What QS is doing is explaining the science behind freedom in sobriety so that you can believe it and then create it for yourself.

There was something in me that knew I could experience freedom even though no one around me was giving me the permission that I am giving you now. As a bit of a stubborn cow and rebel (I got married in black!) I was determined to achieve what everyone told me was impossible: freedom in sobriety. And now it’s your turn, to have the evidence right here in me and to take this knowledge and BELIEVE yourself.

YOU are the creator of your experience, no one else.
YOU decide if this journey is hard or not.
If you believe that is has to be then it will be.
But, if you DARE to go against what society says you can walk this path with me of ease and grace, and the amazing thing is that SCIENCE BACKS THIS UP!

So if particles will only act as you direct them to, this means we are building our reality and RIGHT NOW is the time to begin to create EXACTLY what you want to experience.
How frigging cool is that?!”

“…essentially appyiing quantum theory to the meaning of life. Quantum theory being the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level (which is mindblowing!!). So to me what it’s all about is seeking to understand the nature of self, that we are all one (made of the same atomic building blocks), we are all part of the same thing, that everything is possible, reality is what we believe it to be, that connection is the essence of who we are. Quantum sobriety is the quantimization of sobriety. That’s my take.”

“Quantum Theory being all about how things are made and the mystery of how something can appear and reappear is like changing our energetic structure to rebuild ourselves.. The atoms which compose us ARE made mostly of space and so reassembling ourselves is easier than some may have you believe… Thats how I see it”

The level of support member to member is phenomenal; I’ve had an uber busy week and didn’t get in to the forum to answer the question for a few days but you can see that Sophie’s and Victoria’s answers were spot on and the member that asked was more than happy.

Does it make sense to you?

*this blog was first published in September 2016


Member Quote Of The Day:

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I am 200 days sober on this beautiful morning thanks to first myself through choice, then to Quantum Sobriety by going on the retreat and then to this forum for its understanding of pain and pleasure. You see what you believe.

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