The Quantum Gift

The quantum is ALWAYS listening.
And boy was it listening yesterday!
Instantly I manifested one of my goals.
After the computer drama of this week, and the purchase two days ago of an additional small lightweight laptop purely for writing, I got an email yesterday offering me an amazing freelance writing job.

It was like a beautiful quantum gift.
A message coming through loud, pure and clear:


“Whatever you ask for, I will provide.
However you are feeling now, I will match.
I am constantly searching for situations, people, experiences, places and energy that concur with you”


I laughed at the perfect timing.
At how any doubt about spending money on a new laptop that I purchased purely for writing was now gone.
I smiled at how the quantum was communicating with me the fact that I was on the right path.
That my writing is important.
That this is exactly what I should be doing.
I’m a writer, I love to write, I love to share my life and story because I know that it connects with others.

My life is a quantum experiment.
Me and the quantum are now good friends.
We’ve been hanging out together for the last 10 years; getting to know each other; exploring each others likes and dislikes.
Like any best friend we know what makes each other tick; how to please; what works and what doesn’t.
Of course we’ve had our ups and downs just like any relationship has.
I’ve stamped my feet when my friend hasn’t listened to me and given me what I want.
….but on reflection of those arguments I can now see that I wasn’t being clear, or communicating my truth.
My friend knows me so well that he goes beyond words and gives me what I am BELIEVING and FEELING.
Even when I am not fully conscious of it!

My best friend is amazing.

And so now I devote my life to sharing these secrets of what YOUR best friend can do for YOU.
My new laptop is a designated tool for this communication…..
Do you want to make life work FOR you?
Experience everything with ease?
Manifest effortlessly and instantly?

For it’s all within your grasp.
Your best friend is waiting for you to say hello and plug in.
He’s wondering where have you been all his/her life!
Now is the time to turn things around and become your best you.
And the very first thing you need to do, is meditate.
….that’s where i’m off to now.
What are YOU waiting for?

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