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Daily Motivation 191


As each year draws to a close I like to set a theme or intention for the coming 12 months, and this year I wanted the underlying current of everything that I do to be:


Right now I have a certain urge to be ready, get systems in place, and be prepared (don’t know what for yet but i’m listening and going with it).

And it’s been wonderful so far; I’ve cleared out my wardrobe, office, and loft. I’ve got a fabulous new morning routine plus a different evening pattern; all put in place to help me become more coherent, and life feel easier and lighter.

So this week the next stage was to sort my laptop out which is literally heaving at the seams with so much content on it. It’s around four years old and I have EVERYTHING for two businesses stored within these 15 inches of aluminium.
Now admittedly I am not very good at updating anything on it (it works well so why change it), which meant that on the execution of upgrading to the very latest operating system yesterday I encountered a slight problem,


Dom said,

“Don’t worry it’s got stuck, take it to the shop and they’ll sort it out. This probably happens all the time, it must be a glitch in the new software.”

And I didn’t really worry about it, until I saw the look on the young girls face.
Now i’d already decided that I was going to purchase a new smaller, lighter laptop (for blogging) to add to my office repertoire for my upcoming birthday (any excuse!) so I went to the store with the old crashed computer and birthday money for the new one.

“We are going to have to wipe your computer and put it back to it’s factory setting”, said the assistant in a flat tone that didn’t correspond in any way to the magnitude of information she was divulging.

“Excuse me” was all I could muster.

“You have backed up haven’t you?”, she continued in that insipid tone.

I was immediately transported to the scene in Sex In The City where Carrie looks at the repair guy as if he were speaking in martian. Unlike Carrie I HAD backed up, the only question was when? 

Had I last backed up before or after my most recent Scottish trip where I had finished writing my book?!
All of a sudden the blood drained from my whole body with the realisation that I may have just lost my completed book. It literally couldn’t be any worse. The girl was speaking again but now it seemed like she was underwater and I just couldn’t understand anything she was saying,

“Bring…..external hard drive in…..reset to factory settings……install the latest operating system…..reinstate everything from the external hard drive” 

She had no idea of the seriousness of the situation and as my brain furiously searched for remembrance of the last time I backed up, a small voice piped up within me,

“The quantum conspires FOR you, not against you”

And then deep down I knew that everything was going to be ok. From my head it was a disaster; the work could be lost, but from within a profound knowing that what I had asked for was being gifted.


Those that I mentor often say when I give my point of view, “Oh I didn’t see it like that”, because they are looking at things logically from their heads. For when you drop down into yourself; into your wisdom, you connect with your truth. I had asked for organisation. What I am getting is a brand new laptop PLUS my old one wiped clean and upgraded; it literally couldn’t get better if I tried. Yes I was being forced into this situation but up until now I hadn’t made the time to clean up my act so the quantum was doing it for me.
Magic eh?

So why do we continue to live our lives as if life itself is AGAINST us?
It’s not you know.
The quantum is listening to your every wish, each request, without exception.
Like a servant it is WAITING for your order, and it will run off and create a situation to MATCH your asking.
The thing is our desire doesn’t always get delivered the way we think it will so we may miss the gift if we are not careful.

Open your eyes.
Look around you.
You are creating all of the time.
But are you doing this CONSCIOUSLY or UNCONSCIOUSLY?

I’m very clear with my intentions, I set them each morning in meditation.
I know how I want to FEEL and send that message to my servant; my best friend; the quantum field.
I’m in tune with my Quantum Superpower™

Today I am going to relish the fact that my old computer is soon to be upgraded and be like new.
And this is the very first blog from my new slimline machine 🙂
The quantum forced me into action, but only because i’d asked for it!
How frigging cool is that!

Do YOU want to get in touch with your Quantum Superpower™?
I teach this on every retreat, workshop, and of course my online programme.
Do YOU want to learn how to turn your mind around and see things in a different way, because life is conspiring FOR you via the quantum every single second of single day.
Use it or stay in a place of struggle…..
What do you choose today?
*While Jo is in a private retreat we will be sharing some of her blogs from the archive which we hope you will enjoy revisiting, or reading for the first time. 

This blog was originally posted on 01/05/16

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