The Power and New Energy of A Commitment ⚡

Daily Motivation 200

I’ve been doing this retreat for ten years
And each time it has gotten easier and easier
I remember the very first time thinking that NO ONE could possibly survive 48 hours without food and 35 without water, and that I was MAD to do this. But something in my heart overruled that voice in my head and I survived my first fasting period. It wasn’t easy, and I remember the first few years going to bed at 4pm after the last compulsory session, just so that the morning would come around quicker and I could have something to drink!

I seriously struggled back then, and was still drinking and struggling in that department too, but something within me egged me on and I am so glad that my commitment to this beautiful practice has finally been accepted by my head. EVERYTHING gets easier the more you do it as your tolerance grows and you reset the ‘what’s normal’ button.

As a Buddhist I believe in enlightenment so there is a state to reach
Peace to strive for
Love to embrace
And the search to truly know yourself begins

We are all on a journey to liberation, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this
(don’t worry though you don’t have to be a Buddhist to be in this programme!)
Seeking ever more freedom each day; from fear
For everything can be broken down to either:
Fear or Love
And my search is deeper into Love, and out of Fear

Meditation is of course the path
It takes us inward
Where we find our truth
And if we are listening closely we are guided to all things that fall under the love umbrella
For our hearts only know love, they know nothing of fear; that is egos job

My own meditation practice has enabled me to fully step into the love vibration
And a larger space that the daily commitment opened up for me
And that is completely how I see making a commitment;
You recognise that you can do better
You recognise that now is the time to expand your mind
You recognise that the next step is ready to be taken

And so by uttering the words of your commitment you are creating a new vessel for something to grow. Whilst I was in retreat and Inner Guidance closed, Dom was in the garden getting the veg patch ready for this years crops; he has made the commitment to grow food for us all and by clearing the ground and planting seeds he has created this vessel for something new to flourish.

And we will flourish too
If only we listen to our truth
Let go of ego (a blog coming on that!)
And embrace the new energy of a commitment
What instantly springs to mind when you read these words? What is your heart saying?
What are you going to open up and step into?
What expansion are you ready for?
For as soon as that commitment is made the energy changes, something shifts, and a message has been communicated to the quantum.
….then wait for the response.

I took the commitment for this retreat to be easy
And for the very first time I didn’t even feel particularly hungry or thirsty, it was weird because I was going for periods of 48 hours without food and 35 without water, and still only having my usual 7 hours sleep per night.

Can you see that by opening the chamber in my mind for it to be easy, it was.
If I had gone into the experience thinking it was going to be difficult, it would have been
And this is EXACTLY the same principle with addiction;
You’re told it’s going to be difficult so that is the chamber YOU opened in your mind,
Believe it is going to be EASY and it will be
What are YOU going to commit to this week?
What do you believe?
It’s all in your hands…..


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Well, today marks the day of the longest period for which I have ever been sober since I was an adult. So I have a big post to make!

What has struck me the most is the beginning of understanding of what this “living authentically” thing actually means. I knew that the drink was stifling what was underneath, numbing but not quite obliterating, making it feel ok… until the next morning. I don’t have huge problems in my life right now, I’ve had my share of crap and I am sure that I will have my share in the future, we all do.
The meditations have had a major part in my starting to find out where some my triggers are, and helped me to start to have the presence to sit calmly in my fear places rather than running for a drink to hide from them. To have the courage to look beneath the trigger for the reason, the why. And to deal with that, or to simply acknowledge it – not to run from it.
Daily practice is starting to give me the tools of a bit of presence and calmness and perspective which are helping me to begin to deal with emotion in a way that I can manage and feel in control of.
I know it’s early days still but I have been ready for this for a long time x

L, Online Programme


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