The Piano Lesson 🎹

Daily Motivation 349


During a meditation this week I had the sense I was playing the piano, that life was flowing THROUGH me; the highs, the lows, the laughter, the struggle and then the crescendo to finish off.

It was one of those meditations where I felt that I had experienced the whole of creation; from the big bang, through the different ages, my birth, my death, to the afterlife (or my next life). If you’ve seen the film Lucy (highly recommend it) you’ll know what I mean, it was like the last scene where she sees it all.

And this is the magic that we have the opportunity to observe
We let go of the drama
We let go of trying to control life
For it is the holding on for dear life that pushes the magic AWAY
Can you let go?
Can you release the need to know what is coming next, and open the door to your unknown potential?
Can you?

It is the release of control and trust in your heart that creates the alchemy of transformation

And just like the rise and fall of tempo when playing the piano
Life pushes, tests, rewards, eases, forces, surges, pulls, climaxes
Why not flow WITH life
Relax into the observer role and realise that no-thing is really happening to YOU
For YOU are truly formless from the ultimate perspective

So be the watcher
Play life
Become the one that is performing
Rather than the key that is being pounded
The true conductor of your experience, instead of the orchestra

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❝Hi ***, that’s fabulous that we have both helped each other over the past week. And we’ve both taken action. This group really works and we hear just what we need to here on the forum. Take back that power!!! Love it❤️xxx❞
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