The Pet Meditation 🐱🐭🐩🐇🐍


“Should I meditate with my pet?”
I get asked this question a lot
Actually it goes a little more like this,

“Is it ok if my cat/dog/lizard/rat comes and sits on my lap when I meditate?”

And I can understand why the question is asked, as they could be a distraction, but what I’d like to offer you is a specific meditation that you can do in this circumstance. And this technique comes from years of meditating with my two cats!

What I have realised is that when my beloved pet sits on me I am consumed with LOVE
It courses through my veins and reaches every cell
This is a good thing
We want more of it
And so this is WHY pet meditation is a brilliant idea

Animals are taken into care homes to soothe the elderly
Equine therapy is gaining momentum
And cute puppies make visits to children’s hospitals to bring comfort when there is so much pain
We love our pet to pieces, so bringing her/him into your practice is actually a stroke of genius.

The Pet Meditation
When your pet is on or next to you, lay your hands on their fur/skin and connect with them
They give you unconditional love (well some do!)
Feel the love between you
Notice how your heart opens
Experiencing LOVE in its rawest form

Sit with this pure love as it pervades every part of you
What I also feel here is surrender
An internal trapdoor that usually doesn’t open, which takes me to a place that is ethereal and celestial. An other-worldly space where there is ONLY love, acceptance and connection; nothing else can pervade.

This is a time to revel in the euphoria of bliss
With your heart wide open
Love pouring out of you now

When you feel totally full, you can begin to send the LOVE that you feel out to others
ESPECIALLY those that are struggling right now,
You may have a friend, family member or colleague who is going through the mill right now. So share on the quantum what you are experiencing. Bring your friends faces into view and shower them with the pure LOVE that you feel.

Your pet is providing a portal for you to do this
What a beautiful gift!
Thank your pet for the opportunity, knowing that the bond between you is now even greater than before.

You will see in the mornings in my Quantum Superpowers Facebook group how my personal meditation practice is often shared with one or both of my cats, I totally love and embrace it, and I’d love to hear about your pet meditation experiences!

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

For me my recovery (and I have to say I am in a great place after long struggles) involves the weaving together of lots of different strands. QS has brought them altogether, along with the support of a loving boyfriend, and for the first time in my life I do think that I AM enough and that I DO deserve happiness, just like everyone. Sending you all love on the Quantum Field. x

R, Online Programme

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