⬅ The Opposite Of Control ➡


We live in a world of opposites
Day and night
Cold and heat
Happy and sad
Awake and asleep
Energy and lethargy
Satisfaction and craving

Whatever you are feeling
There is an opposite to it
And that potential IS ALREADY THERE
So in each moment you are choosing which side of the arc you give your attention to
And can change that in a split second too
Today I will give you a technique to do so

The opposites we are looking at specifically in this blog are
Control and expansion
For when we get caught up in something; an urge to do something harmful to self or others; a bee in our bonnet about how we want something to be done/turn out, there is a demand for a certain outcome. In doing so we shut down every other potential, and there is no availability for any kind of growth.

Close your eyes
Notice your surroundings, breath, body, sounds etc
Tune into the stress of the situation and recognise how much control you are applying
Stay here for a while, observing where in your body you feel this control, and how it makes you feel

And then

Bounce into the opposite
And become aware of what happens when you do
Immediately we let go of the tightness of the situation, and how it MUST be a particular way
As we release our grip we become open
We tap into the space that is in every single moment
The freedom that is waiting for us to find
There is an opposite to every thought, belief, word, emotion
And you have the choice every second as to where you place your attention

Meditation will of course teach you how to slow the gap between thought and action, thus giving you the space to actually spend a couple of minutes doing the technique as described above. And when you flip from control to its opposite regularly there is an opportunity for expansion to become a way of life.

So today
Tune into the opposite of control
And let me know what happens…

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

We all reached rock bottom and found this glorious group of supportive and non-judgemental people. Be very gentle and kind to yourself, lots of proper self care. It is an amazing and life changing journey. Commit to doing the work (meditation) and all will be well. I joined the group almost exactly two years ago and did not really believe it was possible to be free but my mind was open and i was desperate. Two years on and I’m just shy of two years sober. Loads of love x
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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