✨ The Naked Awareness Meditation ✨

Daily Motivation 331

Imagine a life where there were no expectations
Imagine a world where you KNEW that everything and everyone was FOR you (rather than against)
Imagine how you would feel
Imagine how you would act
Imagine how each day would unfold

Close your eyes
Notice the sounds that you can hear in the distance
Notice the sounds that you can hear just beyond the room that you are in
Notice the sounds that are close

How do these sounds make you feel?
Do you get distracted?
Caught up in a story about them?
Watch what happens
Let go

Place your attention just beyond your shoulders
Place your attention just beyond your knees and then feet
Place your attention just beyond the front and back of your heart
Place your attention just beyond the top of your head and in front of your face
EXPAND the awareness of you, BEYOND the physical realm

Tap into the space IN-BETWEEN you and the sounds
That empty void of nothingness
Hold your attention there
Stay here for as long as you have……


When you truly comprehend this concept in meditation, it begins to seep out into your life. You stop identifying with what you SEE external to yourself and realise that we are one; part of the collective energy that binds us all together.
There is no ‘other’

When we harm someone else, we harm ourselves
When we harm self, we harm all
When we love someone else, we love ourselves
When we love self, we love all

In my meditation yesterday I expanded my mind and connected to the energy around me; tapped into universal source, and held it for 90 minutes.
I T  B L E W  M Y  M I N D
And the effects of it lasted all day; to the point that I could hardly speak on a livestream training yesterday afternoon that I gave to a private group! I also found it very hard to collapse my attention back down into the tiny hole of the camera on my phone as I gave said training; it seemed totally the opposite to what I was feeling.

So the more we do this
The more we expand ourselves into source
The more stable this state becomes

Yesterday I went to a new place
A heightened awareness, but it didn’t seem like it was ‘above’ where I’ve been, it felt more like further backwards; being the observer. Yet I kept getting an image of being in space and looking at the earth, but not from ‘above’; more like from ‘beyond’.

The livestream was so powerful that I have included the link here so that you too can tap into that energy. And remember we’re working on the quantum here; collapsing time and space, so whenever you now watch this recording you are transported back to that exact moment that I was in when it was made. Life is like a never-ending row of lanes that we step along in each moment; the lane that the below video was made in remains, is eternal, and you can go back and revisit it whenever you want. This is called quantum jumping, and we do it all the time without even realising; a video from the 1970’s came up on my Facebook feed this morning with a compilation of titles from kids TV shows of that time; I was immediately catapulted back 35-40 years to my youth when Bagpuss and Crackerjack were my favourite programmes. I quantum jumped back into the feeling of being 8; that lane will remain forever, and I can go back whenever I want to, yet choose (most of the time) to keep stepping into new lanes as I evolve.

Once we understand this concept we can get unstuck
We realise that we do not have to stay held back from our potential
And all we have to do is step into a new reality
All of my meditations that I do and teach are based around this concept now; it has worked so well for me that how on earth can I keep it to myself!

Intention is everything
Until you are stable in the ‘void’ as described above
Then intention is unnecessary for you have transcended even that
You are floating around in space, observing
Nothing can touch you, for you are everything, everywhere

And as I write this I cry as I have just had a realisation
When I was a teenager I had three dreams / ambitions in life
The first two seemed easy to achieve and the third impossible:

  1. Ride a horse along the beach = NOT DONE IT
  2. Swim with dolphins = NOT DONE IT
  3. From space look down on earth = JUST DID IT YESTERDAY IN MEDITATION
I cannot tell you how many tears are falling down my face, and to add to the beauty of this very moment, my alarm has gone off to remind me that it’s nearly time to meditate, and the music that is playing is INTERSTELLAR; the sound track to my most favourite film in the world (watch it if you haven’t), set in space with a beautiful quantum twist at the end.

The true magic about what happened yesterday in meditation is that image of being in space is still with me this morning, it is WITHIN me now, part of me. And this is the alchemy of meditation; once you have these shifts YOU ARE CHANGED FOREVER, no one can take what you have experienced away and you can always come back to it, even if it fades. Which is why I am sharing the livestream link of yesterdays meditation with you today; magic happens in it, and I want YOU to have some of it…..

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Meditation Livestream:

Here is my **live** practice from yesterday. Please tap into the energy of this 90 minutes; play just 5 or 10 minutes of it, or however long you are meditating for (maybe the whole 90!), when you are doing your own meditation, or have it on in the background when doing housework or paperwork. Set the intention when you do it to LET GO of the physical world and tap into the space around you; for that is where the magic lies, enjoy…..

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