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The Knowledge, Honesty, Love And Care Of QS šŸ™

The Knowledge, Honesty, Love And Care Of QS šŸ™

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Member Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on February 11, 2019



On departure from the January QS Residential Retreat, this is what a participantĀ wrote….

Member Quote Of The Day.

“I came to Quantum Sobriety with a 27 year addiction process throughout my life, jumping from one dependency to anotherĀ untilĀ I reached full substance addiction for 3 years.

I leave with a calm mind, a peacefulĀ soul, self-love, and long future ahead.
And that I thank the knowledge, honesty, love and care I received from Jo, Dom,Ā Oli, Leanne, Sophie, and Anni and Carol who wereĀ mesmerising.

If you are thinking of coming on this retreat and it resonates with you then follow your Inner Guidance. I knew this was the place I was meant to come to, and I am so happy I listened to my Inner Guidance.”



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