The Journey To Coherence 🌀

Daily Motivation 319


When we can sit in meditation and let go of each thought as they come into our minds, we learn to do the same in our external ‘normal’ world; that is the whole point; we don’t meditate just to be ‘good’ at meditation, there is a reason.
Equally when we take the layers away in meditation of responsibility, expectation, identification with the body, we can take this ‘lightness’ into everyday life. 
Can you imagine a world where you didn’t want anything from anybody, because you knew how to give yourself everything that you need. 
That your spiritual practice was literally ALL you needed
It is a reality
It is possible
And you will touch in on this concept more and ore through the kinds of meditations that we do in QS, they bring you into coherence with your truth, with your heart. 
It is a beautiful way to live
And easy
Existence becomes effortless
And you wonder why you chose to struggle for so long
And the journey NEVER ends
It continues into the next layer
And then the next
We become lighter and lighter in every way
Choosing to work on the next level
And then the next
For me it was:
1. Cocaine and ecstasy
2. Cigarettes
3. Codeine
4. Alcohol
5. Guarana
6. Sugar
7. Cacao
8. Over eating
9. Chilli
10. Ego / Identification with ‘self’ or ‘body’ 
Can you see how each addiction gets more and more subtle?
That we must work through them gross first
Then refining our behaviour gradually
And I could never have taken on all the above 10 addictions at once
They had to be tackled one by one
The most destructive first
Then using the knowledge from the initial unshackling to use on the next, and then the next, and the next etc.
This fine tuning goes on and on until total liberation of self
And that my friends is why us addicts are the lucky ones; because we have been forced into this exploration of the meaning of life, and been given the road map to enlightenment.
It then becomes less about the addiction and more about true coherence with our truth, our heart, our purpose….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
❝I’m really enjoying now my healthy eating regime and can’t really imagine bingeing on rubbish anymore. Why would I do that? It’s just like it was with drinking booze. What once felt like a huge deal suddenly becomes effortless and it’s such a relief. It’s an amazing experience when the big shift happens. You just have to believe and do the work. Keep on meditating and following the vision, day after day, week after week, and then one day – BANG – you are on the top deck of the happy bus to freedom, you are the butterfly. There is no more procrastinating. It’s no longer possible to turn back. It’s so brilliant.❞
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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