The Grumpy Old Farts πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅


Sometimes lessons come in such subtle ways
Other times it is as obvious as being punched in the face

This lesson was on the train coming back from Scotland
And it was a lesson that I really was supposed to get as I first saw the couple at Lockerbie station, then they came and sat next to me in the waiting room in Carlisle, and then unbelievably we were sat AT THE SAME TABLE on a nine carriage train.

They bickered the whole way
Picking at each other like birds in the ground looking for worms
Pick pick pick
She upset him
He upset her
Pick pick pick
She stormed off
He stormed off
Pick pick pick
She rolled her eyes
He rolled his eyes
Pick pick pick

And I thought to myself
I am never going to be like that
Why be with someone who annoys the living daylights out of you
Why do you stay?
Why do you put up with it

I felt so sad for them
The joy they are missing out on
By remaining in an unhappy place

Don’t be a Grumpy Old Fart
Truly LIVE, LOVE, and ENJOY every second

I sat at our table and sent them love
I sat at our table and vowed never to be a Grumpy Old Fart


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Perfectly timed again Jo!!! I’ve been having a similar pull towards junk these past few days as I’m coming to the end of my monthly cycle (usually a time where I will eat ANYTHING in sight!) this time I have listened to what my brain is screaming for… stopped breathed and chosen what I know will nourish me!! The craving goes and I’m loving it!!! Wish I had known all of this 20yrs ago!!!! πŸ’•

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