The Greatest Teacher Of Them All 🌟



I am of course talking about Yoda in Star Wars! And when we went to see the latest movie at the cinema over Christmas and Yoda came on, I knew there was going to be a snippet of wisdom to take home 😉

And without spoiling the film for those that haven’t seen it yet, I’ll say only this: you’ll race home from watching it and get straight on your cushion! These films have such a powerfully positive message of the ‘light’ being able to overcome the ‘darkness’, and I have become an avid Star Wars fan in my 40s

The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is
The Last Jedi
We learn from our mistakes guys
It was meant to be like this
None of it was wrong
And as Yoda says above, our greatest learnings come from what we deem to be ‘failures’. So pick yourself up, dust yourself down, journal the hell out of the situation you find yourself in right now, get on your cushion, drop down into your heart, learn what you were supposed to about yourself from this experience, and then let it go.

Surrounding yourself with those that have your back is crucial and that is exactly why QS works so well. No judgement, only total acceptance; because we have all been in that dark place ourselves….

Tour Update.

Last night in Edinburgh was another amazing event, and thank you to Hazel our Scottish QS guide who spoke so beautifully about her own experience. There is a huge buzz around QS in Scotland, with a monthly meeting in the planning, so watch this space if you are living in Scotland. Unfortunately there were many people who were planning on coming that couldn’t, due to the weather, so we may just have to get something else organised!

BBC radio were in attendance and recorded the whole event, plus interviewed some of the attendees. This is for a programme that is going to be broadcast next month, so again I’ll give you more information about that when I have it. For now here is some of the feedback that we received from those that were there….

It was enlightening and inspiring to see how the programme can offer so much for those who might feel helpless or hopeless
– offering powerful rewiring for a future free of addiction”

Really enjoyed it. Definitely feel that meditation is the key – love the expression ‘meditation is a superpower’! Thanks”

I really loved the workshop and meeting Jo and others I have only met online so far. The ocean meditation was really powerful and, having done it so many times at home, hearing Jo offer it “LIVE”!! was a bit like hearing your favourite band singing your favourite song!!! So cool!!”

Feel more connected, more positive, and hopeful that there are tools to help cope”

Very inspiring! Put things in perspective. Thank you so much!”

Wonderful hearing personal accounts of members / guides and their stories and experiences. Beginning meditation was good to learn”

I am very interested to learn more and experience the QS community. I will look further into this”

It has been extremely interesting and inspiring

A selection of Edinburgh workshop attendees

The QS Tour

Galway, Ireland: TOMORROW 
56 Central, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

It’s not too late to book your place

Hazel, QS Guide for Scotland, being interviewed by the BBC

All the information here:

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