The Gift Of Addiction 🎁

Daily Motivation 274


To transcend addiction we have to learn to sit through the urge to eat / drink / use
We have to be OK with the waves of desire as they come
For normally we go running to our substance of choice at the first sign of discomfort, but that will not set us free. It only masks the reasons we have to take up the bottle in the first place, and our unwillingness to sit in the fire will only prolong our agony.
And society doesn’t help us
In this world of pleasure and ease, we are taught to grab a quick meal and swipe a screen to search for a partner. Everything is quick and convenient, NOBODY sits in the fire of frustration, so why should we? 
But our aversion to will cost us our liberation
And our alacrity will set us free
Then, we have a most uncommon opportunity; to take what we have learnt about ourself as we sat in the flames of craving, into other areas of our life. 
CAN WE sit still as our kids scream blue murder? 
CAN WE feel compassion as our partner gets defensive because of their own feelings of lack?
CAN WE observe how petty someone is being at work without getting involved?
CAN WE keep breathing deeply as the waves of overwhelm wash over us? 
This is key
When we can do this we have cracked the code of life
Nobody and nothing can get to us
We realise that we are not controlled by external circumstances because we’ve mastered our own minds; we literally become enlightened. Sounds off limits to us but it is absolutely achievable if we commit, be consistent and believe that it is attainable. Us addicts have the possibility of reaching this place quicker, because we are being forced to go where most will never dare. Can you see the gift in that? 
So now sit with the cravings as they come
Allow them to wash over you 
And see that each one is an offering, a message showing you your strength, and see that YOU are being gifted the opportunity for transformation
R I G H T  I N  T H I S  M O M E N T

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In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
❝What a wonderful idea Jo – so many of your blogs have hit the spot at just the perfect time and I am soooo inspired – then they’re lost……. so to have them all in book form will be phenomenal!
You must have had me in mind in today’s blog – consistency – that is my big problem – I get all enthusiastic and then it peters out. I’ve been away from home looking after grandkids for a few days and am so looking forward to getting home, relaxing and meditating on that.❞
V, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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