What Forms The Foundation Of Realisation❓


It can be hard to commit to achieve something that we have never experienced before. Is it even possible? And what are we going to visualise to get ourselves there if we’ve not been there yet ourselves? It is the ultimate conundrum and as I talked about in my recent blog ‘Why I Tore Up My Vision Board’ it’s not even about the visualisation, it’s all about getting into the FEELING of where you want to be.
But you’ve never been there before!
So how on earth can you do that?

By following these steps we get into a much better place to be able to, and they are in my experience cumulative:


  1. In the beginning we need to be Aware of where we want to go. Who is already there? Read their books, listen to their recordings, learn from them; how did THEY get to where they are?
  2. Accept that you can do that too; if they have, why wouldn’t YOU be able to?
  3. Begin to Like yourself. Believe that YOU are worthy, and enough already to find peace and be truly happy
  4. The like then develops into Love for self. It becomes your new ‘normal’ to take good care of yourself; you are truly believing in yourself now, and that anything is possible
  5. TRUST is the gateway to it all. It is the springboard into the next layer, the next level of understanding.
    Trust forms the foundation of realisation.

So once there is TRUST in oneself we can begin to visualise and tentatively feel our way to the next level, our meditation practice being the vehicle that takes us to all of these new and unchartered territories.

I’ve done this over and over again
Got so excited that I was somewhere completely unknown
Then 💥 BOOM 💥
I am jettisoned to the next tier
Penetrating an unexplored world
And the irony is that the more you TRUST the quicker this happens, but without TRUST in the first place you cannot make the very first move.

TRUST will take you to a whole new level of living
Lead you to a place where you realise that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and you are able to sit back and ALLOW it all to appear:
With no resistance
No struggle
No worry

This is a place of true freedom
Where literally nothing can harm you
And once you get a taste of it there is no going back, I mean why would you ever settle for anything less?

So can you today step back and loosen your grip on life?
Can you be less controlling and more TRUSTing?
Go on tell me, what can you do today to move closer to freedom…..

*this blog was originally published in July 2017

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I love the total change in mindset when I go away now! I seek to find the best meditation spot or yoga site instead of the best pub. I’m looking for peace rather than hectic, I’m grateful for my surroundings rather than taking them for granted, I’m happy in each moment rather than seeking something else!! Namaste X
Residential Retreat and Online Member



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