The First Week Of The QS Online Program

The Chocolate Shaman and QS

In December 2015 we travelled to Guatemala to work with The Chocolate Shaman who is one of our teachers. We learnt many of the meditations including ‘The Trigger Meditation’ from him, so it seemed fitting to interview him for followers of the QS approach. I hope you enjoy….



I Just Gave Birth.
by Jo De Rosa
I gave birth a week ago.
Not to a baby but to a community.
Quantum Sobriety™ was born and I couldn’t be more proud of the initial adopters who have jumped on board and are changing their lives BY TAKING BACK THEIR POWER.

The Sober Revolution
Something has changed; there are more and more people who are tired of being told that if they are addicted to something be it drink, drugs, sugar, over-eating, gambling or whatever, that they have to always be addicted.

It’s time to wake up and realise that it doesn’t have to be like that. You do not need to be slave to your addiction for the rest of your life.
If you’ve not had a drink in 1/4/10/25 years then you are a non-drinker! Why be so afraid to slip back into the nightmare that you already woke up from?

Why do you continue to live in fear?
Why do you allow that to happen?
Why do you not close the door fully and open a new one?

The answer: because the establishment tells us that we will ‘always’ be an alcoholic/addict/slave to the substance.
It is drummed into us that we will ALWAYS yearn for a fag, drink, some cake.
It is instilled in us that what we are now we must remain forever…..
I do not buy it.
And I refuse to accept that conditions are set, life as we know it must remain, and now science is backing this up.

You see the old paradigm of recovery support is based upon the outdated belief that we are born ‘set’; that our brains can’t change, and that new brain matter doesn’t grow throughout life.
So it makes sense with this information to believe that once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, and most recovery systems are based on this.

Then along comes neuroplasticity.
Suddenly all of that old information is completely blown out of the water and there is proof that our BRAIN CHANGES…..THROUGHOUT LIFE!

I’ve been teaching yoga for 15 years, a Tibetan Buddhist and seriously meditating for 10 years, and interested in quantum physics for the last 9.
Put these things together and you have Quantum Sobriety™, a method I have been developing over the last decade and am now ready to share with anyone that wants to move BEYOND addiction.

I have created a reality as if I’d never been addicted in the first place
Today I am 1,212 days sober from alcohol, and it’s been 10 years since I smoked cigarettes and snorted line after line of cocaine.
And I don’t miss any of it.
I don’t go to the pub with my friends and family and feel sorry for myself that I’m not drinking.
I don’t watch people pull cancer-causing smoke into their lungs and desire to do the same.
I don’t wish I was still in that place, in fact, I am a different person now.
Improved, enhanced, recovered, enriched, UPGRADED

Why would I want to go back?
Life is so sweet now.
My mind is my own, the horrors gone, the self-loathing a distant memory thank goodness.
Freedom chosen every day, hour, minute and second.

This is the new paradigm of addiction recovery: FREEDOM
You become someone new.
The best you that is possible.
At peace with yourself.

And already there are so many people who are ready to jump on this expanded way of living and are choosing to change their realities. The first meditation has gone out, this month’s theme has been explained and the secret Facebook group is alive with conversation, support and guidance…..

“I’ve meditated before but this is different. I think this has been the missing piece in my recovery”

“I’ve watched the video which was excellent…thanks Jo! The meditation was absolutely amazing!…I am so excited to see what this year will bring”

“I want to be in control and this is the course for me and I love the idea of finding the answer within myself”

“I put out into the cosmos for another way that I’d feel more comfortable with and thankfully Jo sent out the email promoting this programme”

“I haven’t had a drink for 8 months but am struggling and not particularly happy in sobriety…I need a complete overhaul of my attitudes and thought processes. Really looking forward to getting started!”

“I don’t believe that we have to label ourselves as addicts the rest of our lives. When I heard Jo say this they were the words I’ve been wanting to hear. Let’s do this!”

“I was all set to go into rehab this month and then saw Jo’s email, I feel so lucky”

“I’m beginning to understand the infinite power of meditation in overcoming anything. We can stand in our power and make great choices for ourselves”

A Personal AND Global Revolution
Personally I have created many products and services over the last 15 years of business and there has always been an element of stress involved in the launch:
* Will people like it?
* Will it succeed?
* Am I doing the right thing?
* Have I got the pricing right?
* What if people don’t like it?

With the launch of Quantum Sobriety™ it has been completely different, because I am experiencing –as my day to day reality- what I am offering: FREEDOM

And by passing that knowledge on to anyone that is ready to get off the merry-go-round of addiction, this is what I HAVE to do! It is my purpose in life; the reason I went through the hell of addiction myself. So there are no questions, no dilemmas and no worries this week….

If my words speak to you then the course IS for you. If they do not then that is OK!
And if they do then there is a revolution happening, a group of people who are freeing themselves of struggle and creating a NEW REALITY.

Does that speak to you?
Are you ready to step into a world where you are fully AWAKE?
Are you going to join the revolution?
Want to say YES to life?

Online Program
There are now many ways to embrace the Quantum Sobriety concept with the online program being both affordable and full of value. You commit to one year; perhaps your first year of sobriety, or perhaps you are already sober but want to change your mindset from one of ‘struggle’ to ‘freedom’. £17 per month is less than one cheap bottle of wine a week!
Sign up now and get immediate access.

Next month we are holding the first of three Saturday Workshops at the retreat centre. At just £97 for the day including a 2 course lunch from Dominic we will dive in even deeper to the meditations and concept of QS.
Book your place here

Saturday 19th March
Saturday 11th June
Saturday 5th November

When practicing QS away from home for a period, it becomes your new ‘normal’ so that on your return back to your usual environment it is easier to stay ‘on the wagon’. We run Monday – Friday retreats once per month, with two-day ‘top-up’ retreats available every 3 months once you have completed the full retreat. Perhaps you’d like more information? Click here

Quantum Superpowers™
For some the label of addiction is just too much to bear, or perhaps you do not think you are addicted?? Personally i believe we all fall somewhere on the addiction spectrum (just think brushing your teeth, combing your hair or having breakfast!), and we are all addicted to something.
Obviously this becomes more of a problem for some of us and the Quantum Superpowers™ retreat has been created for those not yet experiencing the destruction of an addiction. This retreat is not quite as deep as the Quantum Sobriety program, but is a great experience for some.
For more information head over to the Inner Guidance website here

Friday 25th to Sunday 27th March
Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November

A Little Extra?
For those that like everything we are offering we’d like to introduce our Diamond Package which is also a years commitment and contains excellent value for a years program and accountability. This package includes:

The full five day residential retreat
Three top-up retreats at 3-monthly intervals thereafter
Access to the online program for 12 monthsJo De Rosa

Dreams Really Do Come True
It has been my dream for the last couple of years to be able to offer all the above, and in just the FIRST WEEK we have members in the UK, USA, Australia, Spain and Switzerland!
The forum is super active, with everyone offering support at all times of the day, and this totally is my purpose in life; to share the freedom that is within my heart with anyone that would like to experience it also. Meditation is unbelievably powerful, my life has changed beyond belief for the better. So the only question really is, “Are you ready?”

Jo and the QS team x

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