🌀 The Cycle Of Transcendence 🌀

Daily Motivation 321


We are cyclical beings
Yet we tend to fight this fact and ‘try’ to create a repetitive world
And then we wonder why we can’t fit into this box every single day
We will find for sure that the more we attempt to experience everyday the same, the more struggle we are in fact creating for ourselves, so can we let go and go with the flow? 
Can we allow ourselves to just BE
Sit with what we’ve got each day? 
Observe what is coming up on a day to day, minute to minute, second to second basis,
And be ok with it all? 
If we can do that
Then we will naturally and effortlessly evolve towards our true dormant potential;
Different for each of us
But we ALL have freedom and happiness in common
And this is the journey of QS;
Along the winding path to liberation
Beginning at the very start, and ending in enlightenment.
If you have a look at the chart we all begin at ‘1’ = the beginning of the journey
We then walk up the steps, sometimes many at a time and often:
2 up 
1 down 
2 up 
1 down
2 up
2 down!
2 up 
1 down 
It is not a straightforward path
When we reach the top of the tower (2) there is a HUGE shift
We feel different
On top of the world
Where on earth can we go from here? 
And this is a place that we should be familiar with
It is where we experienced as children moving schools; 
One minute at the top of primary school, the oldest and wisest, and the next at the bottom of the next cycle in secondary school. We know that we have not gone backwards, yet we feel small and insignificant. 
This is the same as point 2 on the diagram
We have entered the next stage
We are not the same as when we started at the bottom of the last cycle, but we have an uphill climb to reach the next summit.
Then we leave secondary school and the same cycle transpires as we either go to college or find our first job. Back to the bottom of the pile we go, yet we haven’t moved backwards. 
It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend this cycle in adult life and we feel stuck somewhere on the staircase of life. But seeing the bigger picture we can see that in fact we are ascending all of the time, consciously or unconsciously. And those times of no movement as we walk along the arrows can SEEM like we are moving backwards, but we are not.
Once we become conscious of this flow then we can speed it up
We can play the game
It getting easier and easier
For we know to expect the peaks and troughs and don’t get stressed by what feels like ‘no movement.’
So look back on your journey of life
And see the cycles that you have experienced
And note where in your current phase you are right now; near the top, middle, or just beginning out on the next level. 
I know that I am definitely at the beginning of a new loop and can see that I needed all of the previous ones to be able to support where I am now and where I am headed. 
It’s exciting!  
Make none of it wrong
It was all meant to be
To lead you to this very point
And keep looking forwards
Believing in yourself
And see how you transcended being:
• A kid
• A student
• An addict
• Someone with their eyes shut
Take back control
Harness your power
Celebrate life

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