The Cosmic Shakedown 💥🌞🔥


Cosmic Sh!tstorm:
So there’s been huge solar flares blasting us with inferno-like energy this last month, with March beginning with a full moon and ending on another (yesterday). This means that we were always in for an intense month; all of us going through deep transformative work. I for one feel it, as per my blog last week and I know that many others have too.

Sitting In The Middle Of The Drama:
It seems that there has been drama all around me
That everything is crumbling away
And it feels as if some aspects of my life are falling apart
But I know that the opposite is actually true

I feel like I’m being shaken
The quantum forcing me awake
Anything that I am no longer needing is being released
Debris flying around in the air
Causing problems
Creating stress
Nothing seems to be a smooth ride right now

Like a tree in a storm it is only the strongest leaves that remain on their branches
And this quantum sh!tstorm is doing the exact same on an energetic level
LET GO of what you’ve outgrown
LET GO of what you’re so desperately clinging to
The only way to survive is to release

Just like a snake sheds its skin
I have been too
The process difficult as the old skin scratches as it peels off
It’s not a smooth process
I’m itching and scratching as the process unfurls

What I do know is that as the quantum shakedown occurs I am being asked to question everything.

What stays
And what goes
What is important to me
And what have I outgrown

And as the debris falls to the floor, what remains is

It’s a tough process but on the other side is liberation
The emotional journey that us spiritual types are being guided through is exactly the same as the addiction story. This is why we have been thrown into the fire first; we understand that we must sit with the uncomfortableness of the situation before we can transcend it.

I caught myself this week holding on tightly to something I thought was true; an old pattern of making things right that I learnt so well from an abusive relationship. But control no longer serves me and I knew I had to break free. It’s been a week that’s felt like a month, yet I feel more like the real me; a prime illustration of the new paradigm.

Have you felt it?
Have you experienced the shakedown?
Shed a skin?
Shaken the debris out?
I’d love to know what your experience of it all has been….


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I have had passing thoughts about drinking but they haven’t overwhelmed me. Things have gone smoothly because I’ve been organised and calm rather than drunk and hungover…I can feel the difference now and I LOVE how it feels. I’m in control and making my dreams a reality. ❣️❣️❣️
C, Online Member


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