The Codes Are Dropping Down 🎊


We spend SO MUCH TIME stressing about stuff
I can remember back to when I was deep within the struggle to give up first smoking, then drugging, then drinking. It was like my whole mind was taken over by the desire to not do it, then the self-flagellation that I did do it yet again. Like a torture that I put myself through day after day after day, for literally decades.

I wasted so much time
Going over and over the same old shit

Then I popped out of that loop
And into another
– Food addiction –

Here the pattern was exactly the same;
What was I going to eat
Was I going to stuff my face
Was I going to obsess over my weight
Was I going to think about food

Mind filled with it
No space for anything else
Even though I was sitting on my cushion day after day
TRYING to do the work
There has been so much noise
A battle in my mind

Then I popped out of that loop
Exhausted from the ride
And into a limbo period for what seemed liked the longest time
Neither satisfied with the ‘old’ way of being
Yet not quite ready for what lay ahead
Being pushed back from the edge of all that I’ve ever known, not allowed to make the leap that I was building up so; what I knew was coming; what I was getting frustrated from being prevented from experiencing

Then I popped out of that loop
And here we are in the new world

Today we are in the strongest of energies
We can all feel it
A new paradigm is opening up to us
And there is now an urgency

* W A K E * U P *
No more waiting
No more wasting
No more laziness
NOW is the time to break free of the constraints that have been pulling you back

LET GO of what doesn’t work
Once and for all
For why are you holding on to that which holds you back and down?

Create space in your life
Pockets of time to spend on this process
No more waiting
No more wasting
No more laziness
NOW is the time to journal your feelings, release the energy of the past, and open up room in your life for the unexpected. For how on earth can it arrive if your mind is too full to even notice it?

The codes are dropping down
But are YOU noticing?
The codes are dropping down
But are YOU available for them?
The codes are dropping down
And it’s time you opened up for them
And then the question becomes
Are you meditating?

For this is the fertile ground that enables us to receive
Meditation will guide you
Meditation trains the mind to let go
Meditation will show you just how much focus and energy you are wasting

Today in the private QS group I’ll be guiding the community in a meditation to harness what is available to us right now; if you’ve been thinking of joining NOW! could not be a better time….

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

This morning I listened to the Eye of the Storm meditation. Perfect for centering before leaving for work… there’s certain to be some sort of storm every single day. I used to deal with that through drinking into oblivion when I returned home. Thank goodness i’ve learned how not to do that. Thanks Jo.
B, Online Member



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