The Cat Is BOTH Alive And Dead 🐾


There are HUGE changes in the air
Everyone seems to be struggling in some way
Some are relapsing
Others feel like they are walking through mud
Many feel so so tired
Or frustrated
Some anxious to the core

We are on the edge of something BIG
And being tested to see if we are truly committed to our truth
Are you?

The thing is whatever problems you have in your life today, are only there because you believe them to be. When you look away they are gone. Just like Schrödinger’s cat, the problem both exists and doesn’t at the same time. i.e: your problem causes you great distress IF YOU CONCENTRATE ON IT but it is gone IF YOU LOOK THE OTHER WAY.
What you believe you become
You collapse the potential that you focus on
Schrödinger’s cat is BOTH alive and dead; it all depends on what YOU decide.

I’ve been going through this with a situation in my life at the moment
When I think about it, it overwhelms me
When I asked for help with experts in the right field, it was taken away from me and I don’t need to put my focus there any longer.

WARNING: I am not talking here about sticking your head in the sand and pretending that everything’s cool, when it’s not and action needs to be taken. There is a big difference between disassociation, and choosing a different reality.

When there is a problem, deal with it
Then let go

For example Dom updated his software on his computer, and it crashed
He spent two days playing around with it, getting frustrated, driving himself mad
Then he took it to the repair shop
Done, sorted, easypeasy

There are infinite different outcomes to one problem
And with this very simplistic example there could be:

  1. Trying to sort it out yourself even though you don’t have the knowledge to do so
  2. Giving it to someone who knows only a little more than you, they then also struggle with
  3. Same as 2. but it’s a family member and you’re now having a blazing row with them
  4. You give it to someone who then steals your computer
  5. You give it to someone who then makes irreparable damage to it
  6. You give it to someone and they mend it
There are ALWAYS multiple options
In fact, there are millions of different options
Or put another way, there is EVERY SINGLE option available to you
And what your reality becomes is the one that you CHOOSE

You have to redefine your belief
That is the ‘inner’ work that I am always talking about
Dissolve what you have always believed about your addiction / problem

This is why so many people feel so wretched at the moment; it’s because the old is crumbling away, and we’ve not yet got a firm foot on our future. This is why you need to hang out with those that DO see it and ARE already living in this new world. In this day and age community is everything; connection to self and other like-minded souls is paramount to our spiritual evolution, which then turns in on itself and becomes IN-VOLUTION.

Evolution and Involution are like the inhale and exhale of life
Evolution moves outwards, expands
Involution connotes the inner journey, consolidating the spiritual stretch

In each moment you stand in front of multiple options
Choosing your reality, every second of every day
Like a holographic illusion, it is ONLY YOU that can make the choice in your life
YOU have full control
And your beliefs are your guidance system; they are what these choices are made from
Yet they are pliable and changeable
But ONLY if you choose them to be
You can, if you want, choose to remain the same
You can, if you want, decide that things are going to be different now. For if others can do this, so can you
Believe it, become it
So, what are you becoming today?

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Thank god for you ***! You saw the original post before i deleted it or else this beautiful bonding QS moment of love & support wouldnt have happened. Very humbled today 

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