The Bubble Just Burst 🌍🌀⚛


I wrote recently about feeling like something was about to happen, that there was a new energy that wasn’t quite here but was subtly making its presence known to me. There was an air of expectation, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, yet knew was going to reveal itself to me in due course….

And then the shift happened
I broke through to the other side
The Bubble Just Burst 🌍🌀⚛

I have walked through to a new level
An upgraded space
A place where everything feels new
The understanding of the fact that we are surrounded by pure potentiality has sunk deeper into my psyche and I now KNOW and FEEL this to be totally true in my heart, rather than merely intellectually in my head. Something so significant has shifted that I feel totally different.

And I knew this was going to happen
I was being guided by my heart and felt safe in the hands of the quantum
A new way of living
A new way of being
In trust
In love
In alignment with what is trying to emerge on our planet right now
And I say YES to this transformation, even though it feels uncomfortable sometimes, after all what on earth does a caterpillar think when its whole DNA is changing during the metamorphosis process into a butterfly? There must be an element of fear during that process, yet underneath a deep understanding that it is meant to be like this.

We are seriously upgrading right now
Everyone is getting sick with colds and flu symptoms
And this is all part of it;
The releasing of the old self, the illness like a chrysalis, a process we must go through to be able to emerge as a higher version of ourselves
So do not fear
Allow this process to happen
Don’t fight it
Know that you are on the path
You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.

And now that the bubble has burst and I am flexing my wings in this new world for the first time, there is great excitement about the possibilities that are revealing themselves to me.
EVERYTHING just opened up to a bigger scale
EVERYTHING just became more available
EVERYTHING just got easier to believe it can become manifest

Can you feel this magic I am talking about?
For I am sharing it with you now through these words
I am spreading it out across the globe AND THIS IS HOW WE BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD; from this energetic level into the physical plane. NOT the other way around which is what we have been doing for eons until this point in time.

The shift is actually a 180 degree turn

WE CAN NO LONGER LIVE LIKE WE USED TO, for we will only struggle this way
We have to move FORWARDS
Not back, or even remain the same
For if you do it will feel like swimming upstream in rapids
We live now from the inside out rather than the outside in
No longer taking the cue from what we see with out eyes, but rather what we feel in our hearts.
Now is the time
Metamorphosis is here
And QS will hold the space for your own personal transformation 🌍🌀⚛

*First published February 2017

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