The Bridge Between Unhappy And 👉 Happy 👈

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This is a fundamental question
And one that needs to be addressed:
Are You Happy With Yourself?
Ultimately it is what all imbalance, unhappiness and addiction stems from;
A disconnection and dislike of self.

Meditation is the bridge between unknowing of self and a complete understanding of WHO YOU ARE
And once you KNOW WHO YOU ARE you would never be able to harm yourself again with booze, drugs (illegal and prescribed), plastic food and the like

I’ll give you an example
I was on a commuter train coming home from London this week, and the train stopped just outside my station for a few minutes. There was a crowd of people already standing up in the aisle and the man directly behind me was huffing, puffing, cursing and stressing. I closed my eyes for a second and took myself into his energy; it was chaotic and led by his external environment, and he had NO IDEA who he really is; he’s followed what society has deemed to be ‘normal’ for a man. A job in the city, on the train for a minimum of 3 hours everyday, a house with a mortgage he works so hard to keep but hardly ever sees, a wife he shouted at when he phoned to say there was a delay. And I was overwhelmed with sadness and regret, with a longing to connect to truth but not even knowing where to start. A deep discontent, and the words ‘is this it?’.

I was that man once
I commuted myself into central London for 12 long years
I experienced that divorce from self
I understand him yet am no longer him for I found my way out of the trap

Then I jumped from his energy back into mine and found calm, peace and an unshakable sense that all is well. The wait, rather than being an annoyance is an opportunity; to spend MORE time within, to not be caught up with the external world and rather remain in that quiet, connected heaven within.

The thing is when you experience yourself in this way, through meditation, it is released and dispersed into all corners of your life; your relationships, your attitude to life, your choices, and ultimately how you deal with the day to day challenges of life; like a delay on the train.


Every single moment on your meditation cushion is worth it; has an effect; changes your brain just a nano-fraction. It was all worth it, all of the commitment, each session cumulatively rearranging your neurons, because in that moment of stress or trigger to drink/smoke/binge-eat you decide on that which will bring you the most true-happiness.

When we cohere to this part of ourselves there is no happy or unhappy
There is only connection or disconnection
You cannot NOT love yourself from this place
For it is pure love

So you can see that life becomes very different
The struggle gone
The fight given up
What is the point in fighting yourself?!

The more you meditate the more you will feel this
I promise you
It is a formula 1 + 1 = liberation
Liberation from the struggle
Liberation from the desire to drink/binge/harm the self
Liberation from the charge of suffering

And this is all available to YOU
To transcend whatever you are addicted to, whether that be a substance or merely the general difficulties of life. Can you imagine a reality where you drop the story completely and just ‘be’ with yourself? Believe me it’s worth the daily effort on your cushion, for you end up being able to cope with it all; a life lived from love and truth.

And I have been that man on the train
I have been the addicted self
I have experienced the agony of debt and ultimately bankruptcy
I have been emotionally abused
I have been confused, detached, numb
I know what it’s like to struggle

And I transcended it all
My practice (and what QS is based upon) taught me how
I found freedom
And I carry that freedom around with me; on the train, at work, in conversations, when I eat; it is all pervading; it is eternal; it is bliss

And it is available to you too, should you wish to tread this path
Ready to commit?
To walk the road of bliss?
Why wouldn’t you be?

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

A late night for me last night at the local theatre – 2 glasses of sparkling water, ice & lemon – felt so much more relaxed than my old wine head waiting for the interval to hit the bar again!! Was lovely to be the driver too feeling I was doing something for others. Even though a late night I did my month 9 sleep meditation and slipped into a happy sleep which has allowed me a brighter start to my morning. Trigger Meditation & TFM done, watching my triggers with food and some yoga self practise today – love to all Xx

J, Online Programme


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