The Balance Beam Of Alignment 🤸‍♀️


If only you knew
What it would be like a year from now
If you let go and trusted your inner calling

You would not doubt for a second
And all of the worry and fear that is arising right now
Would be quelled in a moment

Just the very fact that it is in your consciousness
Means that your dream is already a reality
For it ALL is
We are one
There is nowhere you actually need to get to
You are ALREADY there
So in fact the onlyjourney ‘there’ is realising it

When I look back at the perceived distance I thought I had to travel to ‘get’ to where I thought I could be happy, I now see that it was ONLY a shift in consciousness that changed.

And you know deep in your heart what you need to do
How you are holding back
What mind games you are playing with yourself

These words are your permission slip

Can you, right now, write down THREE things you have been putting off
That which you know will drive you forwards towards where/who you want to be
Nobody can do this foryou
YOU can in the blink of an eye
It is ONLY a decision
To finally gift yourself with what you deserve

At the beginning of this week I felt
Couldn’t be bothered
Was making bad decisions

STOP PROCRASTINATING (which is after all only a perceived stateof stagnation)

I already knew what I needed to actually do
It was only the state change that was required
And just a few days on I feel totally different
Making good decisions

If you only knew
What it would be like one week from now
If you let go and trusted your inner calling
You would act now
Make those changes that you already KNOW are what you really want
Whatever they are

Stop drinking
Cease complaining
Put down the fried food
Go vegan/vegetarian/keto/raw/paleo
Meditate more regularly/for longer
Intermittent fasting
Get up earlier

…whatever you know deep within yourself will bring you closer into alignment with your truth, and it will be different for each of us; nobody having the same denials as the next person. You have to listen and trust yourself, and then do something about this inner wisdom.

NOW is the time
If you only knew
Just how good it’s about to get!
You have no idea
Because you’ve never been there before
And once you break through the glass ceiling
That you have placed on yourself for a lifetime
You will not believe how good it can get
I promise you it’s what dreams are made of
Please trust
Take my hand

I have taken the leap of faith
And am now sitting right in the middle of my dream
With no doubts or fears
No resistance to that which attempts to push me off the balance beam of alignment
Yes it’s scary at first
But once the gymnast tunes into their centre
The routine becomes effortless
Even though from the outside it appears dangerous
The inner confidence is clear

It’s time my friend to step into your strength
Your alignment
Your brilliance
Whatever that looks like
And you have support
A team rooting for you
Cheering you on
For community is everything
Surround yourself with those that lift you up
And you will feel daily that you are the winner in your amazing life…

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I’ve just had a lovely chat with Jo and I’m really excited to say that I’m now a QS guide. I’m over 14 months sober now and totally free of my alcohol addiction. I’ve also just been through a really tricky time with bulimia. Which interestingly went as fast as it came.
I’m feeling really honoured to be a guide, and when I did the residential retreat in November 2017, it was something I put on my vision board.
QS saved and changed my life so much and I’m so very happy to be part of this wonderful family.
Lots of love to everyone xx
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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