The 2019 Timeline Shift; Did You Notice It?


At the beginning of this month/year we jumped timeline
Did you notice it?
Great if you did
But even if you didn’t, just by reading this the door is open for you to also take the leap
For that is how it works;
One shifts
Opens the door
And leaves it ajar
For others to join in the upgrade

There is so much change right now
Internal and external
That I feel that I am moving house, emotionally and spiritually speaking that is

I’m packing my bags
Via the clearing of clothes, paperwork, computer files, cupboards, facebook friends/groups, possessions etc
Chucking out what no longer resonates (and actually not that much does)
And only moving what I LOVE into my new 2019 home

And why this action is blog-worthy is the fact that it’s not something that I ‘need’ to do and am having to ‘force’ myself to do, which is how this kind of wardrobe clearing used to happen in the old timeline
This is something that I HAVE to do, right frigging now
And I am making time and space for it
Enjoying the process like never before

The energy around this is so strong that it has become my number one priority for most of January. So far I have:

  • Cleared out my wardrobe
  • Cleared all the files on one computer onto an external hard drive
  • Cleared my office
  • Deleted the voicemail (over 50 messages)
  • Cleared all of the drawers in my bedroom
  • Then cleared the second computer
And next week the grand finale, which I can’t wait for (have I turned totally weird 🤪) and will probably take me at least two days….

Never before have I been so excited about the prospect
Never before has this kind of clearing been so overwhelmingly exciting
Never before has the result been so satisfying

And as I build my new house
I only want to bring what is FULLY resonant
It’s been easy to let go of clothing and possessions that I like but don’t love, enjoy but don’t use, have loved but no longer fit who I am becoming

Because I am rapidly shifting INTERNALLY
My external world HAS to reflect the changes
Which is why this usually difficult and boring job has been so captivating
Ultimately it’s transforming my life
Setting me free
Via allowing the old to drop

And rather than cutting away at an overgrown jungle
To get through the debris of my past
The process has been like butter melting;
My old life effortlessly dissolving

Who knows whats underneath
I certainly feel that a path is being cleared
A new direction beckons
And from the vantage point of my ‘new home’ I cannot wait to find out what the next step of the journey holds

Meditation is number one in the 2019 timeline
And my commitment to it is stronger than ever
I know it is what grounds the energy in my new abode
And with this foundation I feel I could go anywhere this year
Please join me…

Member Quote Of The Day.

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Amongst many things, we chatted about how great the QS parties are. Spending a day connecting in person with other members of the tribe at Inner Guidance is very special and it’s so lovely that Jo and Dom provide these party days for free (donations appreciated but not expected).
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