That un-FULL-filled Sensation


“When we are in a state of not feeling enough it means we think we are lacking something. And when we get that un-FULL-filled sensation within 
us but mistakenly go looking externally to fill the emptiness, we just gave our power away.”

Book Review.

‘Quantum Sobriety’ is a brilliantly accessible and encouraging read, perfect for anyone wanting to escape the confines of addiction but who doesn’t know where to start.

Have you read the QS book?
If you have we would be extremely grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon, even if you didn’t buy it through Amazon.
The reason I have shared so much in the book is for this information of how to reach FREEDOM can be easily accessed to a wider audience.

Writing a book review is a personal account from a third party, which is so powerful for those ‘thinking’ about but not yet quite ready to take the leap. THANK YOU so much in advance! 

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