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Daily Motivation 220

A conversation on the QS private forum made me smile last week and I wanted to share it with you. It demonstrates the shift that many are experiencing (it’s not just me this works for!), and how by sharing what they are feeling, individuals are leading the way for others to join them on the path to FREEDOM.
I love how members of the community are finding their voice and stepping up, natural leaders to take this concept of FREEDOM in sobriety to an ever growing global audience; this conversation I am sharing with you today is the next step in QS’s evolution, and I couldn’t be happier that we are here a little over a year into the online programme….
“I had an interesting experience on Wednesday night. Maybe you guys who have done a year sobriety will have a vibe on this…..
….. I was offered a glass (of wine) straight away and my response was No thanks I am driving. I paused as I realised my usual response was oh no thanks I haven’t had a drink for ? months. I kind of like telling people as it’s something I feel good about in myself. After I paused I then said it. However I felt bored and a bit drained saying it. Usually it is the opposite. I really noticed this feeling in me. Something has changed again. I can’t be bothered saying I haven’t had a drink for ten months or however long anymore, unless I am asked maybe. I see this as something really good, as it must mean it is no big deal to me, It just is, It is me as I am , rather than something I am doing or not doing. Is that another baby step into freedom?. It feels like it could be”
J, Online Programme
“Yeh, I’m also bored of explaining why I don’t drink. Nobody cares. It has no emotional charge for me anymore.”
D, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
“I think it is part of the transition to freedom, and I agree that it comes of assimilating not drinking into who you are, rather than something you’re doing! Next month it’ll be 2 years for me, and at some point (and I can’t remember exactly when) my language shifted in a similar way from saying ‘I’m not drinking’ to ‘I don’t drink’ … X”
H, Online Programme
“Defintely a shift *** I don’t bother to say anymore. I just don’t drink! “
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
“People don’t get why you don’t want a drink they think you are weird. Well I am happy being weird and sugar and alcohol free. I read the other day that sober is now sexy! X”
T, Online Programme
“Yup. “I don’t drink” or “No thanks” I find that people have reached out though and replied, “Wow. Good for you. I need to do that.”. Then, I tell them about QS.”
N, Online Programme

Online Programme:

Are you ready for something new?
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As soon as you join you will receive the first email from Jo containing a video with the forthcoming months theme, meditation and worksheets. You will be added to the private forum where the Quantum Sobriety team and community at large will be there to support you in your journey. At £22 per month you will receive monthly meditations and theme, weekly livestream trainings, monthly webinars, and the most supportive non-judgemental community who know how you are feeling and are waiting to support YOU in your journey to freedom. 

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