Stumbling Across The Answer To Everything

Never could I have known all those years ago, when I was struggling in life with relationships, booze, fags, debt and drugs that through them all I would come to stumble across the answer to everything. 

The addict has an opportunity to look deep within
They have to
For it is life or death
And the answer to it all is already inside

What I have realised is that we live in a non-dual world
~ we are all one ~
Meaning that whatever you are searching for, whether that is sobriety, contentment, abundance or love, it is ALREADY present. We see it before our eyes, others model the life we long for, and if one can achieve something then we all can. 

The First Step
Realise that your life is like the reflection in a mirror
With the mirror you know what you see is not really you; you are what observes the appearance. Likewise life is what you view and when we begin to extract ourselves from the dream that is playing out in front of us, and connect to that which is watching, we truly wake up. 

From this vantage point
We are living life at arms length
And can never actually be touched by it
It’s a powerful place to be
And when you tune into this reality
You will realise that your journey and whatever you’ve been through has led you to everything that you’ve ever been searching for. 

It may seem like a contradiction; that we are all one AND live at arms length, and this is one of life’s wonderful paradoxes. For when we step back from what we see in the mirror, and fully into the observer role, it is from here that we are all connected; we tap into a collective consciousness or intelligence that is infinite and contains everything.

The journey on your cushion has the potential to lead you to this realisation, as it has for me. From this viewpoint we literally have all of the answers because we are plugged in to the source of everything; from here we only have to ask the question and the answer comes flooding in. Synchronicities become second nature; we expect them. For example I have been in Spain this week at my Mum and Dads and we were talking about childhood music and I began singing ‘Word Up’ by Cameo, then that very night we walked into a restaurant and what song came on? Yes this 1980s song which I haven’t heard in decades! 

This is a totally normal occurrence for me, and I don’t even really think of it as being weird; so normal has my connection to source energy become that every time something like this happens I know it is a communication. In the beginning I took these synchronicities as being confirmation of the connection, but over the years as the relationship between me and source strengthened and stabilised the trust was there. Now synchronicities only make me smile and let go of the reflection in the mirror even more, and so I live more and more as the observer.

And the really beautiful point that i want to make today is that once you get this, you have THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. Whatever quandary you find yourself in, whatever question you have, this is it; the route to the Holy Grail. And the very last decision you’ll ever make is the one to live life in the observer position, from that moment onwards you may stray off the path momentarily but you’ll always course redirect yourself back into alignment, and therefore, back to the answer to everything.

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