Stop Using This Word Immediately! ⛔


This word has infiltrated our language
This word belittles us
This word is one that we use all of the time
And it has got to stop


The word is just
And I am not going to put it in capitals
As in this context it does not deserve special attention
There is of course a time and place for the word just to be used, for example “I just got here”
But as soon as we begin to use the word in relation to ourselves, then we are in trouble;

“It’s just me”
“That drink is just for me”
“It’s just me going”
“Those trousers are just mine”

No, no, no, no, NO!
Right now

Read this blog out to a friend or family member and ask them to point out when you self-critisise like this. I am going to begin doing this with my friends, family and clients; me for them and them for me.

And for most of us it is so ingrained into our language that we don’t even realise we are doing it
But every single time we use this word in this way we undervalue ourselves
And detract and diminish our true value in this world
So no more putting ourselves down like this
From now on we are going to watch our language and only build ourselves UP


Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

As I walked home last night i re ected on how much
i have changed. I thought about and imagined drinking wine and it just felt like empty spacy depression. And meditation keeps showing me what I need to work on…. But its all good. Glad i ripped the Band Aid off

V, Online Member

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