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We spend all of this time and effort not drinking, fighting the urge, but what happens once we’ve had our last drink / binge? I know that I had no clue who I was beneath my addiction BECAUSE I’D NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE, so I found it hard to project myself forwards to that unknown place.

Tomorrow I will describe what it feels like to be free, and today I’ll break ground on how to set the foundation for this to happen.
That is what this blog is about; to show you how to walk the path of freedom and GIVE YOU PERMISSION to do so. For I was once where you are now and when the triggers come and you don’t have any idea just what you are throwing away if you take that first drink, I hope that these words will give you confidence in your decision.

In the final couple of years of my drinking I knew that I was aiming for peace, even though I didn’t know what that felt like in my day to day living. I did, however, know what it felt like when I was doing yoga and meditating. This is the huge power of the practice; it takes you there first, and then you KNOW. And it is this deep KNOWING that drives your determination to live to your fullest potential.

When we stop numbing out from life we have to actually deal with our problems. This may be a challenge, especially if we have never faced them before stone cold sober, but believe me we work through our issues much quicker once we are prepared to FEEL them. So the first stage is one of healing; ripping off the plaster than has been holding it all in and actually taking a look underneath. Perhaps it is festering, or maybe all it needs is some fresh air to get better.

The next step is a question that one of our members spoke about on the private forum yesterday, she said:

“Just sitting here reflecting on my evening and realized I haven’t actually worked out who I am without a drink and being a little bit crazy drunk.
This is something I am going to look into in a massive way.
WHO am I?”

We get totally caught up and identified with the drunk us in certain social situations, and lets face it we’ve NEVER had to deal with these events sober before. So we have to learn life all over again, as if we were a different person. But now we are doing it in a totally authentic way, as the REAL us, and yes it may take us a while to find our feet but don’t all toddlers?

I’d highly advise at this point to surround yourself with those that are supporting this journey you are undertaking. Just as a young child has its parents by its side to catch them when they fall after taking their first steps, you too deserve to have that level of support, understanding (many non-addicts just do not get it!), and inspiration of those that have been there before.

Meditation is all about sitting on your cushion and allowing whatever comes up to be there. It is the perfect training ground for learning to:

  • calm the chatter
  • observe the nature of mind
  • understand yourself more deeply

Once we are comfortable doing that on a daily basis, then we are ready to go to the next level; to quantum jump into another reality, and I’ll talk about that in detail tomorrow….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝It takes a while to sort out who you are when you’ve drowned your real self out for years with booze. I’m still on that journey of discovery for sure but you know what – it’s a really exciting one.❞
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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