Spiritual Vulnerability 🧘‍♀️


When we take off the cloak of consumerism and take a glimpse at what is underneath, in the first instance it can seem downright boring but we are soon led to the question,

Who Am I?

Beneath the layers and layers of bags, clothes, jewels and home furnishings
Beneath the layers and layers of crapping food we’ve been deadening ourselves with
Beneath the layers and layers of conditioning that has been forced upon by society
Beneath the layers and layers of booze and drugs we’ve been paralysing our precious selves with
Beneath the hours and hours of screen time we lose ourselves in daily
Beneath the layers and layers of over the counter meditation that’s anaesthetising us
Beneath the layers and layers of doubt, fear, and feelings of not being enough

Who Are You?

For those that are brave enough to peek and begin on this journey to true self
It can be a road pitted with danger
For sitting in the flame of spiritual vulnerability
Perhaps for the very first time
Without pulling the safety blanket, of substances and distractions, over yourself
Is stepping into a totally new way of living

But with the New Moon on Tuesday just gone and the planets lining up as they haven’t since 1934 this week too, we are in uncharted waters for our lifetime thus far. What this means as Uranus, the second slowest planet in our solar system to orbit the sun, enters Taurus is that the OPPOSITE energy will be true for us; it will feel that the energy is SPEEDING UP.

It also heralds a time of unexpected changes
In our work, family, relationships, values, emotions, beliefs, and structures
Nothing is going to stay the same
And if you’ve been feeling this energy already in the past months and years, hold on tight, that was just the starter; we are now being served the main course. The orbit of Uranus is 84 Earth years and we’ve just moved into a new cycle, so nothing CAN remain the same so the more you TRY to keep your life as it’s always been, the more you will struggle.


You’ve got to allow your old life to drop
You will feel the urge to purge that which no longer resonates
Maybe that will present itself to you by clearing out your closet
For me it was selling my Mulberry handbag on eBay last week
It got sold on my birthday, and it felt so PERFECT to let something go that had meant so much to me; purchasing it with the money I’d saved when I first stopped drinking.

But the thing is I am so past that point now, no longer needing a symbol for my sobriety, for I have transcended that addiction completely. Plus I’m now vegan and not wearing leather, and no longer connect with mainstream ‘designer’ brands.

I feel ready to see what is next
Although I don’t know what that is yet
But know that it is time for me to sit in spiritual vulnerability

An end of an era
And the beginning on a new age
One where we don’t yet know the etiquette
Cannot play by the old rules
We have to sit in the discomfort
And work it out for ourselves

Only those that have sat with themselves in this way
Willing to feel whatever is there
Will walk through the gates of liberation

Can you see
How the path of addiction takes you exactly to self-realisations door?
How YOU in this struggle of addiction are in fact learning more about yourself than those that are not
This is why I say
The addict has been chosen
To show the way
Break down the undergrowth and walk first
Lead others, by example, down the path of spiritual vulnerability
Sitting on your cushion day after day
FEELING what is there
And even if it’s uncomfortable, enjoying the process


Not weak
But strong

Not crushed
But learning

Not powerless
But empowered

Not unstable
But unshakable

Not wasted
But full of potential to guide others


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

It takes time to learn to unravel years of coping and conditioning. Sometimes it seems so easy and sometimes not. The trust is in believing that it is possible. xx
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