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Daily Motivation 318


Interestingly I began to write this blog later than usual after giving myself the morning off, and hours later am finishing it after getting pulled into ‘life’. Such a great reminder of WHY I rise early and get my non-negotiables of writing, meditating and yoga practice done before the world wakes up. I haven’t meditated yet; that’s next on the list at nearly 1pm!! 😳
There must have been something in the air yesterday as there were shifts left, right and centre with QS members. I am going to let them do the talking today and this blog is dedicated to all of our members who support and love our community like a family.
We are very lucky to have each other…..

Member Quotes Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
❝I had a huge breakthrough in the bath of all places this am …tears of joy . Just feel like something huge has left me. I don’t know what but I am going to try to find the words to articulate it and integrate it .
It’s sort of like I have accepted what’s low vibe and what’s high vibe and I suddenly recognised that I am a deeply spiritual being that I am a high viber and every action I make I have a choice , it’s up or down . I’ve been playing a game of spiritual snakes and ladders …
It’s time to win … and transcend the board!❞
E, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
❝Very profound day.. This could never have been like this if I would have been drinking.. My reasons to not drink just get deeper and filled with more gratitude the more time goes on. Love it❞
J, Online Programme
❝Hi everyone I mentioned this on the live chat yesterday, I was stuck at the top of a 40 foot swing when the release mechanism broke and I managed to be the observer the whole time….
So I was in the middle and hoisted us to the top and when the release cord was pulled nothing happened! absolutely nothing we were stuck at the top and until the mechanism was reset we couldn’t be wound down! So enter the Observer I was attached by a climbing harness and felt very secure. it was extremely uncomfortable holding onto the bar, so I leant back closed my eyes and enjoyed the patch of sun shining on us! I was complete calm and could not see the point, because I had my eyes closed I really was observing what was going I was so calm someone on the ground thought I’d passed out! It was only when I started laughing she realised I was ok!
We were winched down after about 25 minutes – when we got to the bottom and were told it had been reset the others wanted to go again, so I went with the flow and it failed again, so we were up there for another 15 mins and the observer did me proud.
When I came down I thought the whole thing was funny and I was extremely calm. I need to get the snow globe out a little more often!!❞
J, Online Programme

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