Spiritual Sacrifices (😞 or 😀?)

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When we decide that we want to upgrade our life and make great changes, like stop drinking or radically adjust our diet, we have to be ready for transformation. And transformation can be DIFFICULT.

One of the biggest challenges when we are on a journey of self-discovery is relationships, and the closer they are the more of an upset can happen. Others may not want us to change with us; unwilling to shift themselves. They could feel threatened by your new sense of self and expansion; not knowing how to begin this journey themselves and even if it is unconscious, may try to pull you back.

😞 leads to 😀 in the end, but that journey is not always a simple one

I have had two serious romantic relationships in my lifetime
In the first my partner did not want me to change, and what ensued was a battle of wills; him wanting me to remain as I was, and me dreaming of expansion. After much soul searching we had to part; to let each other go, as we were evolving at a vastly contrasting pace. And it was hard to do as we still loved each other, but could not now give the other what we required in relationship.

Looking back the pain of the breakup was worth it as I could never have reached where I am today in any area of my life in an environment that didn’t support my basic spiritual needs. And after a few years of wonderful and sometimes desperately lonely singledom, I met a man that COULD support my entire being and desire for transformation.

Dom and I have grown together
Honour who we each really are
Without trying to change a thing about each other

I was drinking when we met
He was still eating crap and hadn’t heard of clean eating
We have grown TOGETHER
Our paths entwined, and our adventure an exciting one because we are on the same page. And I can see now that if I had stayed in a relationship that didn’t support my needs then THERE WOULD BE NO SPACE for what I have now; this is key!

So by staying somewhere that you don’t want to be
You are shutting down something better;
Something that could make you HAPPIER

And it’s not just romantic relationships
Friendships too need to be looked at
I had a friend once that even told me that she hated ‘spiritual Jo’, and when I was on one of my holistic quests she would wait for ‘crazy Jo’ to come back. This person was not good for me to hang around with! This person was HOLDING ME BACK from the potential that I felt in my heart.

Now I am not saying that we should all get divorced and end our friendships today, only that we are all evolving at different paces and there are sacrifices to be made if we are to truly and honestly follow the direction of our heart.
The spiritual warriors path is not an easy one!
Just as sitting in meditation with only YOURSELF is like the vulnerability of nakedness
There is nowhere to hide
It is you baring your soul
And it is beautiful
That part of you is pure magic
And to be honoured

So I guess this blog is really a warning
That things can get tricky on this path of truth
That a life of rainbows and unicorns whilst magical, can also be intense when those around us resist our realisation of self.
Watch out for the pull back by the unconscious, for they do not realise they are doing us a harm. But for us spiritual warriors we must forge ahead on our path for once we have tasted freedom there can be no caging up of our power any longer….

Come with me
Or let me go
But please do not suffocate the freedom in my heart

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Inspired by your point about marriage being difficult sometimes and admire your letting go of ego in discussions something im definately going to do! Need harmony in my life!!!! Thanks Jo xxx

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