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Daily Motivation 244


In the latest QS community livestream training I was asked by one of our members the following question:

“Do you ever get down or low?
Or have you developed something in yourself to stop this?”

I thought it was an interesting question and¬†this blog is¬†a longer response to the verbal answer I gave at the weekend….

Which believe me is a revelation seeing as I have spent periods of my life in despair, illness, sadness, and felt disempowered, broken and emotionally disabled.

The opposite of the above words are:
despair = contentment 
= wellness
= joy
= empowered
= connected
emotionally disabled
= able

So HOW did I turn all of that around?
And HOW do I not EVER feel any of it any longer?

What I realised as I was answering this question is that EVERYTHING has changed and I have created a NEW language. Getting down or low is not even on my radar any more because I’ve changed my set point so dramatically, so that now the only¬†question that is valid is,

Do you ever feel less connected?

To that I would answer, yes.
And this is the only difference now
There is NO down and up any longer, only more or less connected
And here is how YOU can get to this place too, and how I remain in the CONNECTED area more often:

✨ Meditation ✨

It has changed my life
Literally transformed it so that it’s like I am living a different life
I have experienced a life cut in half;
The first half (I can see now) of detachment (from source)
The second connection
Meditation being the bridge between the two
Being plugged in to something so much greater than myself
Feeling part of the whole
A continual sense of belonging
And that all comes from

✨ Meditation ✨

And if you haven’t got time for it, find some
If you try to find time but still don’t get round to it, then you really don’t understand how important it is.
It’s like going to the doctor and being given medicine and being assured that the medicine will cure the problem that you have; would you take the medicine? Or would you continue to not make it a priority and wonder why you are still feeling poorly?
Why would you not take your medicine?
Why would you not FIND the time to do something each day that will change your brain so radically that you will not recognise yourself (in the best way possible)?
Why when someone is giving you this information would you ignore it?
When someone says to me that they don’t ‘have time’ for meditation I know in that instant that they have not understood the brief; they do not comprehend that I’ve just given them the answer….


I cannot do the meditation for you!
I am too busy on my own cushion transforming my own life!
And that is only because of

✨ Meditation ✨

So please get on your cushion today and begin to revolutionise your own life
For I want to receive a message from YOU in the future saying that YOU are now in the same position that I am currently in.
That YOU are no longer able to feel down or low
That YOU have changed your brain so much that you’re incapable of experiencing despair, boredom or disconnection.
And I look forward to that day
I am waiting for you
I am supporting your own journey
Please join me in heaven on earth….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I have been AF for fourteen days now and I am soooo happy – I can’t believe I let myself slip after periods like this and end up in hell again. So I have ‘thrown myself into it’ this time – being disciplined and doing all that I set out to do.

V, Online Programme


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