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Emptiness is a concept that most can’t get their heads around, for how can it be the source of everything? But when you think about how ‘busy’ we are with our daily lives it is all coming from surface level; living from our HEADS.
There can be no emptiness when we get up late, rush breakfast, get the kids ready for school, go to work, arrive home and sort out dinner, attempt at having some relaxed time in front of the tv where we are bombarded with conditioning, a glass of wine or 5, and then to bed.

Emptiness doesn’t play a part in that world, how could it? And then we wonder why we are stressed, overwhelmed, and unmotivated.

Emptiness in our western world connotes something negative:
A loss
A void
An absence
A deficiency

But what about we begin to look at it from the opposite side
We take away all that is WRONG in our lives and start again

Emptiness in eastern philosophies is just that:
A loss of stress
A void full of potential
An absence of overwhelm
A deficiency of busy-ness
A lack of drama
A blank space where all opportunities come from

So how do we tap into this magical empty state?

When we make the commitment to meditate everyday then we are opening up the potential to discover the source of everything, and begin to understand HOW to live from a place of connection and contentment, rather than stress and overwhelm. New ideas, inspiration, and a deeper awareness of who we really are arises. And the thing is that when you touch in on this magic within, there is less and less urge to cover it over with booze, bad food and busy-ness. Instead the craving to sit on your cushion and discover more about yourself sets in, and a journey to liberation ensues.

And I have witnessed this
The MORE I meditate the LESS stress I entertain in my life
The MORE I meditate the LESS I take on work-wise, social-wise
The MORE I meditate the LESS I need, period.

Once you embrace Emptiness in its true form the stressy stuff literally begins to fall away, Emptiness leads to openess and evolution; who you have always been buried underneath the expectations, responsibilities and presumptions that you and society have placed upon your shoulders.
Obviously your family and work commitments remain, but there is a whole load more space IN-BETWEEN each task; you get up a little earlier to meditate, thus bringing a totally different intention into EVERYTHING that you then do.

Emptiness is the source of everything, and it is available to YOU with every second of every day being an opportunity to go beyond anywhere you’ve ever been before.
HH Karmapa has talked about Emptiness during his UK tour,

❝It is important that we are aware of the many kinds of thoughts and old habits within our mind. The main point here is that we use our mind to observe our mind. This process starts when we loosen our habit of imposing our assumptions and projecting our thoughts. This will allow our mind to return to its empty nature. When this becomes possible, we will create space for a new intelligence to arise, and we can discover who we truly are.❞

He continued,

❝This does not mean, however, a blank voidness. Emptiness is basic space, an open source whence everything comes. It is the wellspring of all new opportunities, the opposite of our fixations that block something new from arising.
Usually we impose our concepts on what we experience, following after our own projections, and this prevents new things from happening, so we let these illusions fade away. Through recognizing emptiness, we return to the original state of our mind.
When we follow after our routine thoughts and old habits, it is difficult for fresh intelligence to take birth. Understanding emptiness helps us to let go of ego-fixation that reifies our experience; it allows us to return to freshness, to the very basis of who we are.❞



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