Some Of My Blogs Are Terrible! 😮


It’s true!
Some of my blogs are ‘better’ than others
Yet I know that what gets written is what someone is waiting to hear
This is what happens when you write from the HEART rather than the HEAD

Many times I wonder where the words come from
They are not mine
Rather channelled from the pool of collective consciousness
This is why I write first thing
So that I can tap into this energy that we are all a part of
The words just flow
There is an inner ‘knowing’ that it is meant to be this way
‘I’ as ego step aside

And what happens is that from the most unexpected place
From a blog that I thought was pretty average
Comes an email, or comment in the private forum, from someone who was deeply touched by the verse

‘Ah, the words were for you’

I think
But I don’t even need to have the confirmation
For I have learnt to get out of the way of what is moving through me
I TRUST it implicitly
Letting go of judgement, fear, and doubt

So who knows WHO is going to be touched by this one
Maybe someone that seeks approval from others rather than listen to their inner wisdom
Perhaps it is time for one of you to get out of YOUR own way and begin to live from the heart

Can YOU stop doubting yourself
Can YOU stop fear in its tracks
Can YOU grow the trust in who you really are..

Member Quote.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

This is such a great initiative (the QS Socials).  Getting sober can mean changing your whole life especially social interactions.  To be able to connect with others on the same journey, with the common goal, in an informal way will be hugely beneficial.  Addiction is isolating, as can being clean if we don’t learn to reconnect in a new way.Online Member


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