Sobriety Is Easy, Really? 🤔


I’ve just got back from my summer holiday and spent the plane journey back from Spain writing a blog about the conditioning we must fight our way through if we are to find freedom (out soon). It’s the very first hurdle in this sobriety conundrum and the most important, for if we believe as we’ve been told up until now, that sobriety is difficult and that we will always yearn for a drink / line / cake for forevermore then we are setting ourselves up for a tough time for sure.

What if I told you that the exact OPPOSITE is true? It’s easy! And all that you’ve been told is NOT true! Quantum Sobriety teaches you that it can be as easy as the blink of an eye;
I now NEVER have an urge to drink
I DON’T call myself an alcoholic or ‘in recovery’ because it’s all gone

I’m recovered

The fight is over
I am free
I have CHOSEN to leave that life of struggle behind and it no longer is a burden around my neck, pulling me under. I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore, in fact life is amazing BECAUSE of what I’ve been through:

The energy I used to spend on my addiction

I now direct to my good health

It’s all about your mindset, and it can be easy or difficult, it’s up to you but it will all boil down to: What do you believe it’s going to be like? For you can ONLY experience what you believe. Therefore, change your beliefs and you change your reality; it really can be as simple as that….

*this blog was originally published in September 2016


Member Quote.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:
“I am just over 2 months in to this program and in the past loved my wine and associated it with many things. Reward, relax, fun, good day, bad day, cooking, you name it. If i didn’t have responsibilities to do wine was often the reward. So for all you people here struggling, keep on going. If my brain can change in this time, so can yours. It gets easier with each baby step and each uncomfortable alcohol itch passed upgrades us and a alcohol neuron gets weaker…
Online Member

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