The Shouting Craving Voice 📢

Daily Motivation 230

Habits themselves believe they are permanent
They trick us
Lie to us
And pretend that there is no other way

When we are caught up in the midst of a huge trigger it can seem as though there is no other option than to be consumed by it
There is another way

In the beginning of our meditation practice we are absorbed by our thoughts
There seems to be no let up from them and many turn around at this point and say,

“I can’t meditate, my mind is too busy”

From the outside when this happens we can easily see that this person has no staying power and will most probably continue to struggle with their addiction.
If we persevere we will begin to notice small gaps opening up IN-BETWEEN our thoughts; and it is in these GAPS that peace resides, and also where our resolve to not lay victim to our cravings lives. The two states are very similar, and therefore, why the QS approach works so well; we are changing our brains and WE ARE CHANGING THE WAY WE PERCEIVE OUR ADDICTION.

When we are disciplined and do our practice
The gap opens up
When we are disciplined and do our practice
The habits voice/pull becomes weak
In the end it gets frustrated and begins to 📢 SHOUT 📢

Desperately trying to get your attention
And frustrated because you are not giving it any
Can you see that in this scenario the shouting gets the loudest JUST BEFORE IT GIVES UP
So just like a seedling that is growing underground that we can’t yet see, so many think that nothing is happening and give up, when really the shoot was just about to break through the surface.

And as that seedling our mind also takes some time to change
On one level, yes, we will see a difference instantly, but on another it takes time and DISCIPLINE for this gap to open up and permanent change to occur.

Discipline is the path
Discipline grows the gap
Discipline is the daily work to get sat on our cushion
Discipline will change our life



Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I love not drinking. It means I can do work I love. Most of what I do now is work I would do for free if I could afford to. Going to work makes me happy (this is the polar-opposite of where I was this time last year). I meet some lovely people and pets. Without QS, meditation and sobriety this would not have been possible

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