DAY THREE: Shhhhh 🤫

Day Three.

We spent everyday until 2pm in silence
I can’t tell you how important this practice is to me
We talk so much, but how much of this chatter is really necessary?
These are the questions that arise during silence on a retreat; a conversation overheard (the staff were of course still speaking), or something that the teacher says; you want to respond but have vowed not to, so you take your question inward and allow it to permeate into your subconscious for we know that the answers are already within.

We had yoga, breakfast and lunch in silence
Meaning there is no conversation with another about your practice or how good the food is. You have that dialogue with yourself only; learning the art of inner reflection. I am used to this with the retreat that I normally do (in Scotland); one whole day in silence and the next talking, then for the duration it goes like this alternating between the two. This retreat was silent everyday until 2pm and then talking after that; it was nice to connect with people and talk through the very detailed sessions that were delivered during each day.

I cannot stress the importance of bringing silence into your own life
What that looks like is up to you
Perhaps you could have the first hour of your day in silence
Or maybe you’d like to make the commitment to have half a day each week in silence
What feels doable to you right now?

Bentinho said the following in the very first session of the retreat:

“Silence is where we come from.
When we are silent we get to see ourselves, every bit of it.
The more silent you become, the more you see. The more you move, the more you navigate, the more you create stuff, the less you tend to see.
The more you think the less you see. The more you quiet down, slow down, the slower you go the more you see, and the faster you go “spiritually’ speaking.
The expansion rate of your consciousness is increased, when you slow down.”

I know that I speak less after a retreat; there is nothing I NEED to say, and I have the discipline to not utter what is not needed. But how long will that last? When will ‘life’ take over again and swallow up the deep connection that I am experiencing now? I will be for sure bringing silence into my daily practice; in fact there are a number of commitments that I have set for my return, and I’ll talk about those another time. For now I’d love to hear how these words have landed, and if silence is something that you will invite into YOUR life….


Member Quote.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

So I’m at an airport at 6.30 WITHOUT a hangover!!!
This is huge.
Online Member



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