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Daily Motivation 206

It’s always an extraordinary day when something in a member of the communities minds clicks and they suddenly get FREEDOM in sobriety on a new level. When we first met Lucy she was in denial that there was even anything wrong with her drinking habit, but she very quickly shifted that belief during the residential retreat and is now an active member of the online group. Lucy has just been on an all-inclusive holiday to Egypt, just two months into sobriety, something that would have been a massive trigger for many but not Lucy. Whilst there she had a massive shift instead and shared the following post in the group.

I was so inspired with what she said that I asked Lucy if I could share her story publicly, anonymously if she preferred, and she agreed saying, “With regards to being anonymous… I would prefer to be known. Spent years of hiding. I give you full permission to use anything I’ve said here or on chats.” 

I can feel Lucy’s strength. I can feel her resolve. I know that something so fundamental in her has shifted that there will never be any going back to her ‘old’ life, and I have to say I feel very proud that I could facilitate this total turn-around in someones life. Not that I have done anything, rather Lucy has run with the information and PERMISSION I gave her to realise her full potential….

My sobriety is the same as being a vegetarian.

I’m not the most educated person and never great at grammar but I have a heart and that’s all that matters when I’m writing these day. 

Forgive the grammar xx

When I was 10 years old I was heavily into animal rights and peace for animals. I worked at a rescue kennels from 10-15 years (7am-5pm). Yes I was young but I was so strong in my beliefs that I was put on this earth to look after animals and make a difference in this world.

At 11 years old I became vegetarian to my parents disgust. They did not understand what to cook for me and thought to be vegetarian was expensive. My parents were neither rich or poor but middle ground financially.

My favourite food was wafer thin ham, McDonald’s hamburgers with a strawberry milkshake and fish fingers. I remember my thought process at this age and wondered how I was ever going to live without my favourite foods. Days went past and it became clear what my favourite foods represented to me; killing, suffering and hurt. It became easy to never look at them as my favourite foods ever again.

So at 37 how do I see things?

I walk into a buffet on holiday with food on tap. Meat, fish etc….

I do not look at these foods and crave and want them because my belief is so strong and the thought of eating it literally disgusts me. 

Since I have been sober I have seen the same pattern happening with alcohol as it did with my favourite foods at 10 years old.

So I walk into a bar with every shelf packed with spirits and wine. I see beautiful wine glasses and cool beer glasses. I see people who look like they are having a great time. 

What I really see is nothing, now nothing. That part of my mind has shifted. It sees the wine and beer as meat.

Would I walk into a buffet restaurant on holiday and go and sniff all the meat or look at people and be jealous they are eating meat. Loading there plates so high with meat they cannot eat, with alcohol they cannot consume though they will give it their best shot as it’s all free.

The answer is NO FUCKING WAY!!!!

Excuse the swearing x

I see alcohol now as meat!

Crazy post but I needed to get that out of my system.

Lucy, Residential Retreat & Online Programme

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